Birthday even in NY/NJ/Phil?
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My fiances birthday is coming up Jan 27th...last year she put together a very sweet birthday day for me so I would like to reciprocate. My plan was to buy tix to Wicked in NYC and have a nice dinner. However, Wicked is sold out (unless I want to buy $300 tix I can't afford). I am looking for something to do on Saturday (the 28th?) in the New York New Jersey Philadelphia Area. I really don't think I can afford to spend more than $200 for the two of us...any affordable suggestions? I should mention we recently moved to the area but have been into NYC a number of times so we have already done the major attractions there (museums etc)
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I guess it's north of where you're looking, but it's easily accessible to NYC so I'll suggest it anyway. Dia Beacon. It's a Museum for HUGE (physically big) art. On the 28th, there's a talk about Andy Warhol. Could be hot if you guys dig art.
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Keep checking Telecharge for Wicked tickets... sometimes shows will randomly release blocks of tickets they were holding for something else. You might luck out, especially since you only want two.
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How about cooking and serving a multi-course meal yourself?

Candles, bubble bath, music of your choice...
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Are there still single tickets to Wicked left? I got tickets to this show for my gf's birthday last year in Toronto. I booked two tickets at the end of two consecutive rows. So she was sitting in front of me and a bit to the side. It wasn't ideal but we were near the front and it was a good time. Just a thought......
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Thanks for the suggestions thus far...I checked on single tickets and had no luck with that either :(

I am trying to hold off on the really romantic stuff until Valentines day which is one of the things that is making this very difficult...that day I actually am planning on doing the cooking and candles :)
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More info on interests, please! What kind of museums do you like? What kind of food? Outdoorsy people or no? History geeks? And so forth.

I went to the newly-redone NJ aquarium in Camden for my birthday. Awesome.

If we'd planned ahead better, we would've arranged to don snorkel gear and swim with the sharks. After that, the only sensible meal, of course, is arguably the best sushi restaurant in the area, Fuji, for omakase.
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When I wanted to see Wicked in SF, there were more scalper's tickets on Craiglist than, it seemed, there were seats in the theater. So you might try there.

The Empire State Bldg's observation deck is very pretty at night, weather permitting. It's totally different from the daytime experience.

Saturday nights at the 55 Bar or Terra Blues (live music venues in the Village) were things that I found consistently enjoyable and not bank breaking either. I knew I could go one or the other of those places on a Saturday night and almost be guaranteed a good time. However, I like jazz, blues and beer, so your mileage may vary.
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There are always tons of happening romantic things in NY: Try the New Yorker around town listings
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You can also try a TKTS booth to get cheap tickets to another big broadway show.
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You could check Time Out NY and the Village Voice for listings, as well....maybe go see a band or two, check out some galleries? Or a limited run/release movie at a small village theater?
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