Edge of your seat science!
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What are some jawdroppingly awesome videos about science?

I recently saw Absolute Zero and Encounters at the Edge of the World and I want more like it!

What are your favorite medium to feature-length videos about frontier science or nature. Videos that amaze you.

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(Especially in HD)
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Inner life of the cell
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Carl Sagan's Cosmos. It's sheer poetry. I watch it when I have the blues, when I have nightmares, whenever. Always makes me feel great.
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Ants - Nature's Secret Power

Ants are amazing.
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Powers of 10
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The Blue Planet, esp. The Deep.
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The Private Life of Plants (wiki)

Time lapse + Attenborough. It's pretty much perfect.
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Connections was a great series of shows. Not really feature length, and a bit more on the history side, but still plenty of content and very interesting.
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The two Titan descent videos prepared by NASA stand out to me as some of the best data visualization efforts ever. Watch this one first (and make sure the sound is up) and then leave the sound up for the second one. The first one is OK to watch on Youtube but you really do need to download the high-resolution version for the second one. Each is only about 5 minutes long.
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On the nature side, Winged Migration was as mesmerizing as it was controversial. Definitely worth a watch.
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Youtube has quite a lot of short videos of weird physics. Here's my own list:


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There are tons of great science TED talks.

I really like Jill Bolte's discussion on Strokes and the Brain
and Dimitar Sasselov's discussion of Planets Around other Stars

But there are hundreds of great talks at TED
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In addition to Greg Nog's suggestion of Dogs Decoded, National Geographic: Science of Dogs on netflix streaming was pretty awesome too.

But then again i like puppies a lot.
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I also could have linked that.... National Geographic: Science of Dogs
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Microcosmos. Macro filmography of bugs (not nearly as gross as that sounds). Almost no voiceover. Watch it on as big a screen as possible. Winged Migration was the followup, made by the same people.
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Another weird physics one on youtube: NASA does thin film and spherical fluid dynamics experiments in space. Or as I like to call it... Water Physics In Spaaaaaace!
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