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Lube-filter. Probably NSFW.

Monogamous relationship, hormonal contraception and no STDs so we're off the condoms. The contraception is an implant which seems to be significantly reducing lubricant production, so we've been using off-the-shelf water based stuff.

We tried vaseline in an emergency (the usual bottle got left behind accidentally) and it was sooooo much better. I know vaseline+condom = disaster, but has anyone experienced issues with using it regularly au naturel? Any other recommendations?
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Try a silicone based lube. You can find it online at Toys in Babeland or Good Vibrations.
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Yeah, the doctors don't recommend a petro-based lube because it can stick around in the vagina for an extended time and possibly cause infection. Silicone lube like Eros is great and waterproof.
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Not exactly what you asked, but if you're still willing to try water-based and haven't tried Liquid Silk, give it a try. Never found a lube I like better (and the pump bottle is really convenient).
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I think some places (like Good Vibrations, Toys in Babeland, etc.) may offer sample packs of a couple of different lubes, so that you can experiment with a few and see which work best.

If the contraception really is messing with the natural lubrication factor for your girl and experimenting with lube doesn't help much, suggest she ask her gynecologist about using a short course of estrogen cream. Hormonal birth control can sometimes cause women's estrogen to get out of whack, which can decrease lubrication and/or increase discomfort during intercourse.
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You don't mention what made vaseline better, but lube like KY will get a bit slicker if you add just a little water to the works. That may help.

Second that you do not want to use vaseline, as it does not clean up well from you intimate nooks and crannies, to coin a phrase.
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Most decent sex shops should have little sample packets of a ton of different lubes/flavours that you can try. Our current fav is O'My...I'd definitely recommend it.
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Astroglide is wonderful! Vaseline can cause major infections in women--avoid it like the plague.
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Good ol' astroglide. The silicone stuff sometimes doesn't want to wash away but it can be very nice. KY is a little thicker than astroglide but it doesn't seem to last as long.
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Second vote for Eros (note - Eros do make a water-based lube too, so make sure you pick the right one).
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Eros is the best stuff ever, but you can't use it with silicone toys.

It doesn't get sticky. It doesn't feel greasy. It has no flavor. When you're done, it just feels like you've used a plesant moisterizer.
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We prefer the Astroglide.
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Another vote for Eros. It is rather expensive, but you also need less of it than you do of regular water-based lube.
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ID has been the favorite around our house...
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as suggested above, try to get free samples. if you can't, and have some money to invest, buy the smallest bottles available for the most common lubes out there -- you'll find your favorite, it's usually a process, you rarely stumble immediately in the lube that works better for you and your partner

and as others have said, don't use vaseline please. you'll thank us.
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THROW OUT THOSE CRAPPY LUBRICANTS RIGHT NOW. I've tried pretty much everything out there, and let me tell you, its all complete crap compared to what i've been using. The stuff is called PJUR and u can get it at ""

My ex-girlfriend used to get dry when we had drunk sex, so we started using lubricants to have a better experience. The problem was that everything (especially KY) would get sticky and/or dry up. Using lubricants just got too messy. One day I stumbled upon a small sample and it's all ive ever used since. When i let some of my girlfriends try it, they were simply amazed. i swear by it.

here a quick summary:
"Pjur Original Super Concentrated Bodyglide is longer lasting and much less expensive drop-per-drop than other brands. This formula never becomes sticky and is 100% latex safe. An excellent skin conditioner and moisturizer, Pjur Original does not block your pores and requires no clean-up after use. Used by massage therapist worldwide."

- also no animal testing
- non-toxic (u can literally drink the stuff and not die, i havent...)
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Pjur / Eros is the stuff. And the 'Power Cream' is even better (for certain things)
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JOsystems H20 (water-based) is the best if you don't like the silicone. Doesn't get sticky like all the other water-based lubes do. Their silicone based lube is great too.
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make that systemJO
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Triode -> please explain why the cream is "even better" and what you can do with it. You just got my girlfriend excited. For this I thank you...
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I'm gonna second the Liquid Silk. Some silicon-based lubes have a creepy feeling, like I'm using 3-in-one oil or something, but Liquid Silk is slick and comfortable without feeling artificial. And the pump bottle is really sweet.
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I use Eros. Glycerin-containing (water based) lubes can contribute to yeast infections in some women. I had that problem with Astroglide so I switched to silicone lubes.
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Just to clarify, not all water-based lubes contain glycerin. Good Vibrations sells a sugar free sample pack, most of which are water-based.
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