Safe lubricants?
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Natural, safe lubricant? NSFW

It seems like the latest trend in lubricants (whether for anal sex or otherwise) is to minimize the number of chemical-sounding ingredients (yes, I know everything is a "chemical") and then add one really nasty preservative. I really don't like the idea of certain things drying out on skin and sitting inside moist, mucous-membrane lined orifices for hours. Case in point, though not to single out this brand:

Polyquat whatever, fine, but this:

Seriously? I'm not sure I care that it's the last ingredient and probably an infinitesimal amount.

I've tried:

These meet my safety criteria, but, not surprisingly, they don't have the consistency of the more synthetic lubes. What I really want is an astroglide made of sunbeams and rainbows.

So, is there anyone out there as paranoid as me that has found a water-based lube that's reasonable in terms of both safety and performance for vaginal intercourse and anal sex?
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Check out Emu Oil.
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I have never used a lube other than spit. If that works and it is 100% natural and always available why spend money?
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Response by poster: I have never used a lube other than spit. If that works and it is 100% natural and always available why spend money?


Vaginal intercourse = awesome
Oral = awesome
Clit fingering = not so great
Anal sex = no way
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Grapeseed oil.
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OMy looks like it has all natural ingredients, but I've never used it.

I can't find an ingredients list off hand, but I know plenty of vegans who use Slippery Stuff (which I have used, and it's awesome) because it's glycerin free.
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I just want to chime in to support Meatbomb. I've had a whole lot of anal sex with only spit as lube. It's both possible and pleasurable, provided you take it nice and slow at first and start with a whole lot of rimming. I'd urge you not to dismiss the option entirely.

Then again, I have never had nor fingered a clit, so I can't speak to that portion of the interaction.
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Grapeseed oil.
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Corn starch lube
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Coconut oil. Also has the advantage of being crazy cheap.
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My friend says that veggie oil is the best. And trust me he is a slut and he would know.
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Sylk is a kiwifruit-based lubricant made in New Zealand. Their website makes a big deal out of not using parabens or petrochemicals. The listed ingredients are:

* Water
* Extract of the Kiwifruit Vine (actinidia chinesis)
* Vegetable glycerine
* Xanthan Plant Extract
* Traces of sodium citrate, natural citric acid and potassium sorbate
* Grapefruit seed extract as preservative

I once met a guy who made good quality 'natural' cosmetics to sell at market stalls. He told me that plant-based products really do need preservatives of some sort to stop them growing harmful bacteria. He used plant-derived preservatives for almost everything he made, but he reluctantly used artificial preservatives in products intended for use on the face. He said this was because the artificial ones were effective at very low concentrations, whereas plant-based preservatives only worked at concentrations so high that they would sting and even blister when applied to sensitive facial skin. He went with the artificial option, against his ideals, because it was the safest choice for his customers.

That said, I didn't notice problems of this sort with Sylk. It's nice stuff, I recommend it.
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Best answer: Also, could I just point out to the young and the horny that veggie oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil are not water-based lubes and are not safe for use with condoms. If you plan to use them, you need polyurethane condoms, and unless you really get off on the smell of coconut, it's probably not worth your while.

I know you realise this, OP, but I'd hate others to act on such bad sex advice.
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Thank you, embrangled, I was just about to point out that -- and that the OP had asked for water-based lubes in the first place.
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Related to me by someone who I have known for a very long time who has a penchant for odd and interesting experimentation:

If you boil whole flax seed in water (let's say, 2tsp of seeds per cup of water - you can adjust this to increase viscosity) and allow to cool (please allow to cool), you will end up with a viscous and highly slippery fluid that makes a wonderful and amazing lubricant. Wonderful and amazing after the seeds are strained out, that is.

I am neither smart enough nor educated enough to make claims regarding the safety of this substance's use for internal lubrication. But it's really wonderful and amazing. A little xanthan gun and water is pretty wild, too

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O'My is, from experience, great for vaginal intercourse. (I can't speak for anal.)
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How does Boy Butter sound to you?
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I am recommeding Egyptian Magic. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis, and Love. :)
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Response by poster: Plenty of stuff to research and ponder. Thanks, all.
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definitely seconding embrangled's recommendation of sylk. i'd forgotten what that stuff was called.. but oo-ee, that's some deliciously slippery stuff.
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After testing all the tester packs at my local sex store, I ended up buying hathor aphrodesia lube. The ingrdients aren't listed on the website, but here's the list on my (caramel-flavoured) tube: De-ionized water, vegetable propylene glycol (kosher), organic hazelnut flavour, organic caramel flavour, stevia, acacia gum, jujube zizyphus, siberian ginseng, horny goat weed, ascorbic acid. Propylene glycol and acacia gum are 3-4 on skin deep; the rest looks benign.
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The best lube in the world is Liquid Silk (it is odorless, flavorless, and NOT STICKY) the cinsistancy is much more like the body's natural lubricants and it come is an easy pump top bottle. They also make another lube Maximus which is great for anal play
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