How do you warm up lube?
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How do you get lube warm? Cold lube is incredibly un-sexy.

Does anyone use electric lotion-warmers? How can you do this in a way that doesn't interrupt sex?
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Put the bottle in a bowl/pot of hot water. (Not boiling water, and not one on the stovetop! You don't want to melt the plastic)
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Put the bottle in a teacup of warm water a little while before getting busy.

Alternately, apply to the more polar-bear-natured person in the couple.
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No no no. You put it in the palm of you hand. You close your palm for all of three seconds. It spreads out on your palm. Your body heat naturally raises the temperature of the lube. Done. Apply and go to town.
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Or put it in the palm of your hand then rub your palms together so that you have warmed it up and can apply it with both hands.
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Yeah, definitely just takes a few seconds in your hands. If you are serious about warmth running it under the hot water tap for awhile should do the trick.
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I used to just put the bottle in bed with me, and by the time we got frisky it was all warmed up. (I'm a heater, though; I warm up the whole bed by myself.)
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Yup, bowl or mug of hot water.
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KY warming lubricant works well.
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KY warming lube, in my experience, is all burny and not at all warm and sexy...

Rub it in between your fingers before you use it.
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KY warming comes in multiple "flavors" - the 2 in 1 is fairly pleasant, but some of the other "warming sensations" varieties will make you think you poured Tabasco on your unmentionable bits. Use with care and definitely test before slathering it on.

(It's never been so bad we'd want to stop, mind you, but it's bad enough we won't grab that variety on purpose ever again.)
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I went with my wife for her first maternity exam at the OB/GYN and when the tech did the transvaginal sonogram, she used KY jelly that had been kept on what looked like a little warming plate. I asked about it, and she explained that they keep the KY warm for the sake of comfort, then smiled and pointed out the logo on the plate... "Mr. Coffee".

You can buy them online for under ten bucks, and it would probably work just fine on a bedside table.
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Microwave. For 20 seconds or so.
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Uh, KY warming was fine until we used it with a particular brand of condom that gave off a not-too-pleasant chemical odor. Didn't stop the festivities, but it was definitely noticeable enough to be included in post-coital conversation!
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Use a baby bottle warmer?
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During the winter we use a baby wipe warmer to keep things in our cold bedroom warm. It's not interruptive because we keep it plugged in all the time but if a person was worried about the small power draw it takes about 30 minutes to get things warmed up.
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