Best lube?
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Update on this guy: 6 years later, as there may be new stuff on the market.

My partner is well endowed, I'm (female) smaller. In the beginning of our relationship I was always wet enough for sex, but 1.5 years in, it's not as constant, and sometimes I get irritated and raw. What is the best lube you've used - hopefully not sticky and sweet like KY liquid - that I should look into? What did you like about it? KY just doesn't feel like my natural fluids.

And yes, there's plenty of foreplay and I do love him.

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"Yes" lubricant, no irritants (like glycerin which can cause yeast infections) and organic (if that matters). There's no taste to it really, and no strong smell either. The water based, while condom compatible, isn't as long lasting as the oil based (or so I've heard, I only used the water- based one)
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Liquid Silk is the only lube that exists, in my opinion.
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I don't think there's a general answer for this because "best" depends what factors are important for you. Some things to consider:

-do glycerine or any other chemicals cause problems for you (yeast infections, etc)
-do you want something really long-lasting vs. more natural-feeling
-are you using latex condoms which will be degraded by oil-based lubes
-are you using silicone toys which will be degraded by silicone-based lubes
-do you care about price
-do you care about flavour
-primarily vaginal vs. anal sex vs. using with toys can make a difference in what kinds of lube wil work best for you
-if you want something easily accessible in local stores vs. don't mind ordering online

As an example I like slippery stuff because it's glycerine-free and water-based so I can use it with toys and condoms and don't get yeast infections, but it does dry up really fast making it sticky so someone who didn't care about those factors would probably go for something longer-lasting.
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Sylk, made from delicious kiwi fruit.
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Pjur - but I would not use this for anything where it would get in someone's mouth.
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I really like thicker lubes, mostly marketed for anal use, but I find that they perform very well for P-V sex. They don't drip everywhere you don't want them and they are very long lasting.
If you want to go with silicone based lube, I'd try Pjur's Man Premium Extreme Glide, which has no numbing or "relaxation" ingredients which some of their other formulations have. Because of that, it's also without flavor.
If you want a water-based lube (my preference), I like Maximus as it's never been irritating and doesn't get super sticky and it's very long-lasting and feels natural. It's also glycerin free.

Also, a woman's ability to lubricate without assistance is impacted by a lot of factors that have nothing to due with foreplay or level of attraction to your partner, just in case you were concerned about that. Have fun!
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Coconut's amazing.
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Please Cream Lubricant from Good Vibrations. Does not get sticky.

I was a huge fan of coconut oil, but the Please Cream has surpassed it for me.
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Liquid Silk is my favorite. Sliquid is also very good but different - not "creamy". They are expensive so I'd start with the smallest size and then if you like it, buy as bulk as you can to save some money.

Going into a feminist sex shop, if you have one near by, will give you a chance to actually feel these lubes (with your fingers) and assess what you like.
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We like Swiss Navy silicone lube. Flavorless, not sticky, and quite effective.
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My partner and I are split on Sliquid and Liquid Silk/Maximus. I think the only reason he prefers the latter is the pump bottle. Sliquid Sassy is directly comparable to Maximus (thicker lubes); H2O is about the same as Liquid Silk (thinner), except that it doesn't taste awful. Adding to the confusion, there's also a Sliquid Silk, which is a silicone lube and in theory should be slippery for about forever.
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Big fan of Sliquid here. Never tried it for PIV sex, but the designed for anal version both works and lasts. It's also vegan and has no glycerin.
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I used to love Liquid Silk until some spilled in a drawer that i didn't discover until a few weeks later when it had solidified into a rubbery mass not unlike a sex toy. i dont want something with that much plastic being absorbed into my parts or my partners.

Sliquid has zero plastic ingredients. I would rather have to reapply than to putting those kinds of chemicals into my body.
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I used to have this problem, too. My favorite lube for the last few years has been Pink. I prefer it to Liquid Silk and Sliquid, which are both irritating to me and frankly don't feel as good. It feels extremely close to natural fluids with a touch of softness. It doesn't dry out at all and is very long-lasting, I only need a tiny dime-size amount. I suppose downsides would be it doesn't taste great, and it can't be used with silicone toys unless you throw a condom on them. As far as I'm concerned, it's the perfect lube.
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I'll second "Slippery Stuff."
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Slippery Stuff is very good as already suggested. But I have found one I like better at the sex shop...beleve it or not it is called Fuck Water. Looks and feels like bodily fluids and has never gone sticky.
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