flower delivery in suburban Manchester, UK
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I'm located in South Australia. I'd like to have some flowers (and a brief, personalised greeting card message) delivered to a relative's home in suburban Manchester, UK, in early March. Any recommendations for professional flower delivery in that area? I need to be able to select, personalise, book and pay safely online.
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Interflora do UK-wide flower delivery using a network of local florist shops.
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Try Venus Flowers - like Tynte Flowers, but on steroids. They have many options on their website, including shop by colour / flower, but also open to you calling them and telling them what you need.
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Bloom and Wild might be an option - they're designed to fit through the letter box if no one is in at delivery time. You can't select the design of card but you can have a brief personalised message.
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Seconding Interflora, it has always been the way to go for international flower orders. Have used and received many times in various countries with no issues whatsoever, including in the long-ago pre-internet era.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your responses. :-)
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Response by poster: I went with Bloom and Wild, and it went very well.

It was easy to choose and order; I received an email when the flowers had been dispatched, with a link to track the delivery; and then I received another email when the flowers had been delivered.

The recipient said the flowers were well-protected and presented.
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