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What is the job market like in Manchester (UK)?

This question is half due to curiosity, and half due to thoughts about moving there in the next 6 months or so. I just moved to London, and while I love it here, I'm wondering about job prospects in other (less expensive) cities. I've been to Manchester and I loved my time there, and have always considered it an appealing option.

I'm a 23-year-old Canadian with a "youth mobility" visa (good for 2 years). I have a BA and a BEd. I am open to all sorts of work (i.e. not limited to teaching). What kind of job market can I expect in Manchester?

How do you figure out what the job market looks like somewhere? Beyond looking at job ads online, how do I know if moving somewhere is feasible, or if I'll be looking for a job for months and months?

Any help, suggestions, or general advice welcome.
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If you can narrow down the type of work you want to do to a few specific areas (e.g. office adminstration and teaching), you could try and call a few employment agencies in Manchester or fire off a CV to them and ask them for advice.

Although it's obviously in their interests to talk up the job market to an extent, when I've been registered (albeit in Edinburgh) for office work, they've always been very frank about what the job market's like at the time, how long it might take to find work in certain sectors with my background, or if there's not a hope in hell.
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The unemployment rate in Manchester is pretty high at the moment - 10.9% - higher than London (about 8%). See March Labour Market Statistics (open the NorthWest spreadsheet, data for Manchester is on tab 13 or so).

So that may be a factor, though it's obviously a general rather than a specific answer. Otherwise, I would go with penguin pie's advice - talk to your agencies - especially for something like teaching, they should have a very good idea of the market,
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thanks for the help!
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