Where to view the Leonid meteor shower near Manchester, UK?
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I want to watch the Leonid Meteor shower (November 17/18) near Manchester, England.

I'm trying to get out of the city to avoid light pollution, preferably not to the south so that the glow of Manchester won't dominate the sky as I look north. Since I'll have access to a car, anywhere within a few hours of the city would be fine.

I'm looking for:
1. a quiet place
2. nice atmosphere
3. plenty of space to lie down
4. free
5. legal

Bonus points if it's in an area in which there's something to do in the evening beforehand.
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Well, you're really looking for a place where there isn't much to do in the evening, because that means light pollution.

Click here for light pollution maps (at the bottom right of the page) in England. From Manchester, you could drive up to the Lake District, or even to rural Dumfriesshire, where I spent many nights admiring the milky way, watching satellites float by. The Leonids were spectacular.
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Somewhere in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales? They're a little closer than the Lakes (although, I would personally prefer the latter).
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Peak District, somewhere circa the Snake Pass? Just take the A57(M) out of the city.
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