I love listening to people from Northern England
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Looking for podcasts or radio shows with women talking in Mancunian accents or similar Northern English accents.

I love Manchester accents and want to listen to more of them. I used to watch 'Frasier' only to hear Jane Leeves speak, and also loved the accent used by the character Betty Slocombe in 'Are You Being Served'.

Podcasts, audiobooks, or any other aural media I can take with me and listen to are wanted. Thanks a bunch.
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BBC local radio should help you. Scout about for chat shows and phone-ins. There's a lot of commerical stations too, many of whom stream online. Bit further north and thus a very different accent, but Night Owls on Newcastle's Metro Radio is one of the classic local phone-in shows. See they have a podcast too.
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Coronation Street isn't a radio show, but it's what you're looking for nonetheless.
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If you missed it, this British Library site, previously mentioned on the blue, will be a treasure trove for you!
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Lauren Laverne is from the North-East (Sunderland, I think) and talks a lot on her BBC Radio 6 show.
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Liz Kershaw's from Rochdale.
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Best answer: The BBC has a Voices website which is all about how people speak across the British Isles.

Manchester, of course, has a bunch of radio stations including BBC Radio Manchester.

Other names you might want to look out for include Liza Tarbuck, and Jayne Middlemiss. Both have occasionally presented radio shows in the past.
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