I need a good laugh, badly
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It's been 24 hours of despair. I need good, fast laughs. (So not a movie or tv episode.) Jokes, pics, awful puns, Vines, YouTube, whatever. I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use this right now. Whatcha got?
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You might have to try these on someone in your vicinity to get the full effect, but:

- knock knock
- who's there?
- interrupting genius
- interrupting geniu...

Which is a play off:
- knock knock
- who's there?
- interrupting cow
- interrupting cow wh...
- MOO!

And then there's:
- knock knock
- who's there?
- nobody
- nobody who?
- [big ole' smile]


So a drum and a cymbal are rolling down a hill...
[dramatic pause]

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Why did the mushroom get invited to the party?

He is a fun-guy
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This dog is my SIL's friend's dog. SIL works with guide dogs... this dog is a seeing eye dog "career change". Yup.
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This Muppets Tonight clip has my favorite joke from when I was a kid.
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Disclaimer, I have been crying all day. But on normal days, this youtube video really, really cracks me up - Am I Pregnant?
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Norm Macdonald "The Moth" joke
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Sneezing baby panda and (this one isn't funny but it's really sweet) - Giant panda puts baby back to bed
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Swearing Australian drivers.
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Jesus I think I actually cried as much while laughing at that Am I Pregnant video as I did last night. Aahahahahaha

This is a poor offering by comparison, but I find that watching videos of other people laughing uncontrollably is always contagious. Favorite in the genre: Chris P. Bacon
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This is my favorite comedy skit of all time.
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I just watched the pregnant video x3 and laughed so hard I cried. Another vote for that one! Hope you feel uplifted soon!
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Andy and Amy at a Haunted House makes me laugh.
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I am stealing this from flibbertigibbet's comment on another recent post - it is 7 minutes 40 seconds long, so a slightly slower burn, but I am usually crying with laughter by about 2 minutes in (and this is with me having watched it 3 or 4 times over the past 5ish years). Go ahead and lose yourself in Kevin Bridges' Bulgarian horse adventure: Did Kevin Bridges buy a horse?
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John Finnemore's twitter
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Not funny so much as adorable, but I just saw this pug video and it made me think of your question, so I hope it helps just a little!
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Lily Savage
Fry and Laurie
Blackadder outtakes
Office UK outtakes
Seconding watching others crack up - so outtakes, bloopers and gagreels in general
I'm sorry I haven't a clue
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Go watch this toddler dressed as a chicken.
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Mutant Giant Spider Dog
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silverstatue I've been really depressed since "the news" dropped. That vid made me fall off my chair I laughed so hard! Thank you!
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Victor Pope Jr is my favorite viner.
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How about this guy gobbling at turkeys?
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Smiling, even consciously making an effort to smile, makes you and those around you feel better. Yesterday I put on headphones and listened to Patrice O'Neal, who is fucking funny and now beyond all earthly pain, and Ms Wanda Sykes, whose observations on race and family are outstanding. Full length comedy concerts tend not to last long on YouTube so it cannot wait. You need this now.
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One of my all-time favorites: Girl Goes Crazy Laughing Over Her Webcam Effects
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It's what I came in here to post cmoj. It's never not funny.
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This Vine popped up on my tumblr dashboard yesterday and I watched like twenty times.

You can also watch this dude play his bass guitar like a cello, which is pretty neat.

Behold these icons of classic cinema be awesome all over the darn place.

Andy Samberg is a national treasure, and this joke he tells is hilarious.

Who doesn't want to watch excited dogs be excited?

I put this Thomas Sanders Vine in here partly because it is funny and partly because it is sooooo painfully true.

And of course, the classic "yaaaaaas" cat Vine. Enjoy!
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Bat prank.

Panda escape.
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When you ask Santa for a puppy but accidentally write Satan and other Medieval Art reactions really cracked me up. As did these honest notes from kids. And the finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Awards.

Also, when I'm feeling down I sometimes go on a Youtube binge of episodes of Graham Norton's talk show; they're chatty and cheerful and sometimes hilarious. The one where Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Hugh Bonneville get drunk and repeatedly collapse in giggles got its own FPP on the blue a couple of years ago because it's just so funny, and I also loved the one where Meryl Streep snogs with Mark Ruffalo (there's even unicycling in it!), and the one where Benedict Cumberbatch can't pronounce penguins, oh and anything with Miriam Margolyes, and really most of the other ones, too. EDIT: Oops, I now see you didn't want whole episodes, but there are plenty of compilations of funny moments on Youtube, too.
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Sail Fail
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Oh this one is well-loved: Tim Conway's Elephant Story. The joke itself is secondary to the rest of the cast trying not to corpse and failing.
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This video always makes me laugh.
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So in one corner: There is The Bloggess, who is pretty delightfully ridiculous.

And in the other corner: there is this web site where if you type in your Twitter feed, it uses a markov generator type of thing to analyze what's in your feed, and then spit back out things that you are "likely" to say.

And here is the Bloggess' post where she reports back on the results when she tried it. One of the results she got ("Today is cancelled and full of hot goat hair") had me laughing to the point of breathless whoops for a full 90 seconds, and I have totally found a way to work that phrase into conversation here at work on three different occasions.
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I stole this from a MeFite (iamkimiam maybe?) so it seems only fitting to link it here: How to Pronounce Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape.

I am also partial to faux pas.

Ohhh my god. The whole channel is pretty golden actually.
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