Medical offices like Freelancers Medical or One Medical in Brooklyn?
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I was a customer of Freelancers Medical in Brooklyn, and I loved their approach to medical care. They went out of business and transferred their patients to One Medical, which isn't as nice but still way more pleasant than a traditional primary care practice. Are there other practices in NYC (preferably near Park Slope) with a similar approach?

Starting next year, my insurance will be a lot more expensive if I choose a plan that One Medical accepts, so I could pay more than One's membership fee and still come out ahead, if there's another concierge-style practice that's not horrifyingly expensive.

Things I liked about Freelancers (One doesn't live up to all of them):
* proactive health coaches set health goals and keep up with stuff that can't be solved in a single visit
* physicians have time for more than a 2 minute meeting
* support staff have time to help with insurance and prescription hangups
* various services like yoga, nutrition counseling, acupuncture etc. for free or inexpensive

I hear that Oscar Health Insurance is planning to open up a Brooklyn medical practice in the Freelancers mold, but I don't know when that will open, and they are already the more expensive alternative.
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I can't quite tell if you're saying you do or don't want One Medical, but they totally have a practice in Park Slope! Union St, I believe.

(Also one on Smith St!)
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Response by poster: I like One Medical, but the insurance plans that they accept cost a lot more than the plan I would prefer to use next year. I could save around $1000 by switching to a medical practice that accepts Emblem Select Care, so I'm hoping to find a nice one.
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