Public viewing of election results in Austin, TX
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Myself and a group of co-workers will be in Austin, TX from Portland, OR on election day. We are pretty typical Portland liberal types and would like to find a place relatively close to downtown that serves good food (preferably BBQ or tacos), good booze and, most importantly, will be showing election results as they come in Tuesday.

None of us have been to Austin before so we don't have good sense of where to go in general and we would like to find a place to either celebrate or weep into our whiskeys together. And while we have heard that Austin is pretty left, we don't want to accidentally walk in to a place that will be celebrating while we weep or vice versa. If you were us, where would you go?

And if you feel like giving more Austin info, where should a woman travelling on her own or avoid the following weekend? Live music and even more tasty food a priority :)
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I'd go to the Alamo.
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Scholz Garten. The local Democratic party and other lefty causes often meet here. I cant find anything official, but I'd be surprised if you werent in good company there.
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I've heard good things about the North Door debate viewing parties. I don't think they have food on site, but there are food trailers near by.
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Justine's is hosting a watch party. It's a hip french restaurant with a large outdoors area. Will likely get rowdy.
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Response by poster: We ended up in the hotel bar. And that was the first of many things that did not go as planned that evening. Thanks for the tips, everyone!
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