Where to begin looking for film PA jobs in NYC?
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Simple enough-- I live in NYC am interested in finding on set work and have only freelance stage-building work experience under my belt. I'd be happy to get some experience on student films, no pay seems to be the expectation for someone like me and that's fine-- I just have zero clue where to look! Any help would be super appreciated!
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Try mandy.com (look in the low/no pay area), staffmeup.com, and craigslist film/video job postings. Also join relevant Facebook groups like "I need a P.A.", "Film Production Jobs", etc. I'm not in any of the NY based ones, so those may not be the right search terms. But there are a ton of NYC film industry specific facebook job boards.

Pick anything that promises "exposure". Expect to work for free for the first little while.

Also, try the Mayor's Office. They have a PA Bootcamp from time to time and I believe they do other forms of hiring outreach.

While you're on these "exposure" jobs, network like HELLLLLLLLLLL. Talk to everyone. On the free jobs, especially try to get in with the First A.D. and the Gaffer. But really any "department head" crew member would be worth talking to. The goal here is for someone who is a Key PA for money but who AD's student films will bring you onto their next paid job as a paid day player. Ditto for any of the department heads; they're all low-level crew on bigger paid gigs who can show you the ropes and get your resume in front of the right people (or even get you hired on the spot to cover for someone last minute).
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