finding movie theatres and showtimes in NYC
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Is there an easy-to-use site that lists all movies, theatres and showtimes in NYC. Please, God, PLEASE don't say citysearch!

I get so frustrated trying to figure out when and where movies are showing, I'm tempted to give up movie-going altogether.

I generally know exactly what movie I want to see. I just need to know where and when it's playing in Manhattan. I'd like to know all theatres that are playing it, because if it's a theatre that's far from me, I'll sometimes choose to go there and sometimes not, depending on how badly I want to see the film.

Citysearch sucks. It's user-unfriendly and has tons of misinformation. I just searched for "28 Weeks Later," (a pretty major release), and the site claimed that it was only playing in Brooklyn, Hawthorne, and Secaucus New Jersey. I KNOW that's not true.

I have better luck with, but it only lists movies that it sells tickets for.

Best case scenario, I'd like a site that lists showtimes for ALL movies playing in Manhattan: small indy films and big Hollywood flicks. But I'll settle for checking two or three sites if necessary. I just want easy access to accurate info.

Bonus points for a site that tells me whether or not a theatre has stadium seating.
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Best answer: Yahoo! Movies? Yahoo! Search?
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Best answer: Rotten Tomatoes tends to be pretty accurate.
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Or Moviefone (courtesy of AOL these days)?
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Response by poster: Thank you! I tried all three suggestions. I found Rotten Tomatoes to be the quickest and easiest to use.
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Best answer: Just Google "movie times zip code." The first result will say "showtimes for New York, NY." Click on it. It will list all theaters in your area, in order of proximity to your zip code. You can click on any movie title and it will bring up a list of every theater showing your movie. It also links to critical reviews. Google movies is great.
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Actually, Fandango lists all theaters, it just lists those it sells tickets for first. If you keep clicking, or search by neighborhood, you can see them all. That's what I use. It also has info about the seating.
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Best answer: I like because of all the info they have because it's the IMDb.
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Village Voice
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I like Mr. Movie Times. Clean Interface.
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you can also get google movies directly at
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This is a good opportunity to point out the new and totally awesome Google Text service, which allows you to get movie listings (and a lot else) texted to your phone. You can test-drive it at the link.
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Here's what I've always wondered. I've used most of the sites above, but are there any sites that allow you to search the entire country at once?

You see, most of them only look within a pre-determined radius of a particular zip code. But, let's say you're looking for an indie film or some other special screening, and you've already determined it's not playing in, say, Los Angeles or New York City. Is there a site that, without needing a zip code, will show me that it is playing in Denver or Atlanta instead??
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stst399: Search for a movie on IMDb. Then click "Showtimes." Then "See a map where this title is showing." You can then click on the map of the US. Here's the one for Pirates.
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I usually use The New York Times movie page
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