Can I stop worrying now?
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I found some suspicious bites, but the exterminator's search turned up nothing

I found these bites on my leg last Thursday morning. i showed them to a friend who recently had bed bugs and she said they looked just like the bites she got. At first, when I saw a little black bug sauntering across my floor, my mind jumped right to bed bugs. But after some extensive googling I realized it had almost certainly been a beetle (black, 1 cm long, and was longer in shape than bedbugs are supposed to be).

So I called my landlord and he said he would make an appointment with an exterminator. The next thing I know, he calls me at work and says the exterminator is already in my place ( I didn't have time to put away all my stuff or put everything in bags or whatever). But a few hours later the landlord calls me back and says the exterminator checked and didn't find anything. The place did show signs of having been checked when I got home.

The thing is my landlord is not the most diligent of people. I wasn't actually there when the exterminator came, so I don't know what kind of check was performed, but the landlord says it's the same guy he always gets to come check. I just don't know whether I shoudl believe him?

Every time I mention it to someone, i get the same reaction. . . "OMG bed bugs. . . you have to deal with that right away." But I don't really have any proof that there are bed bugs in my bed.

to make matters more complicated, I am moving in one week so I'm also getting the "OMG you don't want to bring the bed bugs into your new place" reaction.

I have a lot of other stress going on at work right now which is making my life a bit hellish, and I just want to stop worrying about these bed bugs.

Or should I? Should I call another exterminator myself and get them to come, or trust the one my landlord got? The only piece of evidence I have is the bites. I have been hanging out outside quite a bit lately, so it's possible that a quartet of mosquitoes decided to prance onto my leg and give me an L-formation of bites just for shits and giggles?
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If it were me and I could afford it, I'd call another exterminator and have them come out. It's worth the peace of mind. I have also had shady landlords before, so I feel ya.
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Looks like bedbugs are a possibility to me. Their signature is 3 bites in a line, but mine were bigger and puffier than yours. I'd be very careful. They're easy to get rid of if you catch things early.
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Get the bedbug sniffing dog service, they are both cute and accurate. Those bites look like bedbugs indeed.
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They do look like it, but you can put bedbug traps around your bed or strategically in your apartment if getting a second opinion is too expensive for you. Photograph any evidence you find and bring it to the landlord/exterminators.

I once thought I had bedbugs but it turned out I got bitten up by chiggers. It is possible it is something else; bedbug experts try not to rely on the "breakfast lunch dinner" bite pattern because it can be misleading.

Better safe than sorry for now though, before they potentially spread.
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Get a passive bedbug monitor and put it in your bed. Twenty bucks or so. If you continue getting bites and see "dirt" on the detector, call the exterminator back; otherwise, don't stress.

A lot of things can cause bite-like reactions; you also might not have gotten bitten at your own pace.
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Pull your bed apart and look. The evidence Is not hard to find.
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