How to get the most out of San Sebastian over a rainy weekend
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After years of raving about San Sebastian to my husband, we're finally going together for a 4 day weekend! I just checked the weather and it's going to be raining buckets. I was hoping for a lot of nice walks and hanging out in parks to work off the wine and pintxos but now that seems kind of unlikely. The aquarium seems like an option, but what else could we do? (Of course if you have recommendations on where to go for more wine and pintxos, do share!)
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It rained for all of our three days in SS last year around this time, although it didn't rain constantly, so we did get to climb up and around the fort looking out over the harbor and over town (Urgull). We did go to the aquarium, which was compact but pretty worthwhile if you're trying to find things to do while digesting. We'd planned to go to the San Telmo museum, too (which apparently has a combination of Basque art & history), but it's closed Mondays and we just didn't get our act together on Sunday/Tuesday.
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If you have a car there is a nice little bay called Mutriku about 45 minutes along the coast to the west. The coast itself is a very nice drive and Mutriku has a nice pier which contains a shoreline wave energy device. I'm not sure how much of that you would be able to see but you can go on the pier and there are some nice little bars and I think you can swim in the harbour.
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