Very Specific Travel Filter: Caves and Surfing in Basqueland
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Looking for recommendations for going surfing and seeing caves in Basque Country-- Details inside!

I'm headed to Biarritz for a week around end of summer for a conference, and was thinking of taking a few days afterwards to go explore the area around there-- specifically to go surfing somewhere in the area, and possibly check out some cave paintings as well.

Surfing: I've been to San Sebastian and loved it, though it seems there are other options for surfing in Basque country as well. I am a very beginning surfer and am basically looking for a few days of lessons, and even considered a surf camp, but most of what's I'm finding online looks like a hostel party with more mildew. Does anyone have any experience with any of the surf schools, or do you have a location you'd particularly recommend?

Caves: I gather the Grottes des Isturritz are close to Biarritz, but I can't tell if it's possible to get there without a car, and I can't seem to get ahold of the visitor's center. Any idea if there's bus service, or possibly a non-prohibitively expensive taxi..? Any other caves in the area that I should try to see?

Thanks in advance!
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25 years ago, Zarautz was the place to surf near San Sebastián. I'm not a surfer, but I remember friends saying something about the waves being very consistent, if not big. Google confirms there are a lot of surfing schools there.

We stayed at a camping ground that was about 1km from the beach. From Google, it seems it still exists. It's high tourist season, and other accomodation will be a bit expensive.

I miss the Basque Country, I wish I could go too. Have an extra pintxo for me!
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There's a town called Mundaka - very near Bermeo - that has a well known surf shop and famous waves. As I recall from the late 80's / early 90's the owner of the shop was Australian. Anyway, it looks like that have a surf school, too.
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