Looking for Basque Info.
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Looking for Basque Info.

Hi, I'm looking for information about the Basque region along the Spanish/French border. I've Googled it, of course, but I'm looking for any resources that give me a deeper understanding of its history, culture, politics, language, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Though some debate the veracity of Kurlansky's historical claims, The Basque History of the World is still a very interesting read.
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The Basque History of the World is still a very interesting read

Agree with this and the caveat. You'll get an easy to read overview which is good for starters. There was a popular movie about Basque shepherds [which are most of the Basque people you might meet or hear about in the US] called Artzainak. I first learned about Basque people via linguistics when I was in college, their language history is quite interesting. Places in the US like Elko Nevada have a high Basque population thanks to lots of local shepherding work and there are lots of restaurants and social clubs that will give you a feel for the culture. I hope everyone gets a chance to go to the Star Hotel at some point.
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Obabakoak by Bernado Atxaga is a novel based on a Basque village that may be of interest.
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ps. the novel isn't meant to represent an actual Basque village by any stretch of the imagination but it's a good example of literature from the region.
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Tagentially, I became interested in Basques after reading Gregory Martin's Mountain City, a memoir about growing up in northern Nevada that had Basque sheep shearers in it. They travel the world shearing sheep and are considered experts on sheep animal husbandry..
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input so far, everyone.
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I travelled around Southern Basque country in May - it's stunningly beautiful - the geography is amazing. This site has some good basic info, and this slim dictionary includes randomly interesting tidbits of cultural info.
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