Project Managment Software for Architects (of the building-designing variety))
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Good project management software for architects?

I'm asking for a friend, who wrote:
I would like some kind of database software to use for project management in architecture. Ideally, it could be used for the following things:

Making meeting minutes, sequentially, with a list of contacts that don’t have to be typed over and over again
Making field reports – with fields
Keeping track of RFI – Linked to RFPs – Linked to CPRs – linked to Cos – linked to Bulletin Drawings. All of these things we generate separate spreadsheets for – and they are so annoying because they could easily be in one common location.

I'll do my best to relay any questions for clarification back to my friend.
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check out Filemaker Pro.
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we use filemaker pro at our office -- version 6, which is ANCIENT. I hate our system but that probably has much to do with its decrepitude. Filemaker is just like MS Access, in that it's a general-purpose database and you customize the tables and forms for working with your particular data. If you have someone who can do that in-house, great; otherwise you're looking at additional costs for someone to set up and maintain the database.

I've been thinking about trying to convince the firm to upgrade the software and revamp the data model, but I'll be watching this thread closely for other options.
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My firm uses Newforma, which tracks of RFIs, submittals, drawing markups, emails, files, etc. Some portions more successfully than others, but at least it is a centralized repository for project info.
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My shop is very agile and we're using Rally's Kanban board.
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