Where can I find a php developer to donate some time to a Peace Corps project?
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Where can I find a php developer to donate some time to a Peace Corps project?

I’ve started a project on Ning 9http://corpsrequest.ning.com) where Peace Corps volunteers around the world can post requests for help on various projects. We try to use local resources and materials but often what we need is not available or just not there. There are needs for materials, funding, virtual volunteers, hopefully this site will help volunteers fill those needs. I need some serious php and css help though so I can get this project off the ground.
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Craigslist is probably the best bet for such things. Select the appropriate city and post away.
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I'm a professional web developer and a fan of the Peace Corps. I've only glanced at Ning's framework, and I'll be on vacation the rest of the year, but if you want to email me more specifics (scott@randomchaos.com), I may be able to help you out in January.
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I do a lot of PHP. What do you need help with? (feel free to send a response to the email address in my profile)
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I would suggest Ask Metafilter.

I build websites with PHP. My email's in my profile. Or you could post more info about what you need here, since there are apparently a few of us who'd like to help.
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Have you ever looked at http://www.iloveschools.com/ It looks like they use PHP for their app and they've got a framework in place for matching small projects with donations. I corresponded briefly with the developer after Hurricane Katrina and he expressed interest in expanding the scope of the project. Might be worth reaching out. Good luck. (FWIW, I was a PCV in Lithuania, 95-97)
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