Reputable seller of laptop parts?
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I want to replace the failing keyboard on my off-brand laptop. Where do I find a reputable seller?

I have a System76 laptop, manufactured by Clevo (model W24AEU) with a failing keyboard. About one third of the keys will only work with a hard, hammering key press. The defective keys seem to be random, but maybe biased towards the left side. So I want to replace the keyboard.

I think I could get a couple more years out of the laptop if I fix this. And I'm willing to attempt the work myself since, if I accidentally brick the thing, I wouldn't mind just buying a new computer.

How do obtain a replacement keyboard? I'm usually a pretty good googler, but this time I'm coming up dry. I'm searching by make and model number, but maybe that's more narrow than I need to go?
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Best answer: Have you tried asking System76?
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For what it's worth, I've had very good experiences with random Chinese parts purveyors on Ebay. It doesn't really seem like that should work, but it seems to work great.

If you can't order the part directly from System76 you can probably get a part number from them and, while it will take a few weeks, get the part you need from a Shenzenese provider with a decent EBay rating.
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Seconding mhoye. I've bought several laptop keyboards from folks on Ebay.

You must take the laptop apart and read the part number off the back of the keyboard before you order. It's impossible to make sure you're getting the right part without disassembling the laptop.
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Response by poster: System76 is selling me a replacement keyboard (I'm years out of the warranty period). Thanks, zjacreman for tipping me off to what maybe should have been obvious.

I'm a little nervous ignoring gegr's advice about the part number, but I'm hoping that they can send the the correct part for the machine they sold me originally.

Thanks all for the helpful info.
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Response by poster: Follow up: The keyboard arrived, and I managed to install it without destroying my computer. It works, as I am using it type this very comment. Thanks again to all who answered!
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