how can I play classic nintendo games with save states?
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Is there a way (legal/ethical) that I can play classic Nintendo games with save states? I have an original Wii, a GameCube and a 3DS, and between those platforms, I own (i.e. I paid for) several Zelda games and other 80s NES favorites. I want to play these games all the way through again, but I'm lazy and don't have time/don't want all the grind.

I really really want to play these games all the way through again, but I'm lazy and don't have time/don't want all the grind.

Several years ago when emulators and games were all over the internet, I managed to figure out how to get/download/play Zelda 2 and it was awesome. The save states allowed me to play whenever, stop whenever, and just run through really quick for nostalgia's sake.

I looked half heartedly recently, but if emulators are still a thing, I couldn't figure it out this time. BUT AGAIN, I'm not looking to steal games - I own them now, I just never play because they are so much harder than I remember as a kid.

Can this be done on any of the platforms I own? Any other solutions?
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The original wii is super easy (and low-risk) to jailbreak. after jailbreaking, emulators and ROMs can then be easily downloaded directly onto a SD card. The NES and SNES emulators work great.

I am not qualified at all to argue legality/ethics, but i remember reading that if you own the cartridge, then having the ROM wasn't illegal. Maybe that's changed?
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As far as I know, there are official Nintendo releases that have savestates.

ArgentCorvit is wrong; it's still illegal to download a ROM if you own the cartridge. I don't think piracy of NES/SNES games is particularly unethical, but I'm not going to make any recommendations for sources.
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Aren't Zelda and Zelda 2 (for the NES) available through both the Wii and 3DS Virtual Console? If you bought them legally on either the Wii or 3DS, I think the versions you own should have save states ("restore points" in Nintendo's language).
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Response by poster: crazy with stars, really?? I will check it out tonight. It always put me back at specific save points, like the original game.
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It's been a while since I played on the Wii's Virtual Console, but on the Wii U you're able to create a "restore point" at any time. (Only one at a time, I think, unlike emulator savestates.)
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Response by poster: well i feel dumb. this escaped me somehow. i put the wii away several years ago, never realizing it could do this?? i'll pull it out soon and check it out. thanks all!
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Yeah as I recall you can only create one 'restore point' at a time unfortunately, but I found that fine for replaying through Link's Awakening a couple years ago. That's definitely true on the 3DS, not so sure on the Wii.
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