Tattoo Artist in NYC area with similar style to Pony Reinhardt?
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I am currently obsessed with the style of tattoo done by Pony Reinhardt at her studio Tenderfoot Studio. I signed up for her email list in the hopes she will do an East Coast tour and I could schedule an appointment, but there are no guarantees there. Are there Tattoo Artists working in New York (or a nearby state) who have a similar aesthetic?
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You might like Stephanie Tamez, who is located in Brooklyn. Their styles aren't totally congruent, but there is a certain overlap.
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Are you specifically looking for the woodcut style? Sue at East River Tattoo does great work.
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Marshmallow peep beat me to it, but I was also going to recommend Sue (who is just a great person) and East River Tattoo. Duke doesn't really have availability, but Rob has a similar aesthetic, and they regularly have guest artists in the same wheelhouse.
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I don't have tattoos (yet) but I did some research a while ago on the best artists I could find in NYC. Here are some similar pieces I saved to my pinboard.

These guys are all at East Side Ink:
Jon Clue
Minka Sicklinger
Dan Bones

And at Saved Tattoo:
John Sultana
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Gristle Tattoo in Brooklyn has several artists who specialize in blackwork.
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Seconding Dan Bones. He's amazing and an awesome guy.
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