Tall man seeks extra long handled mop for intense cleaning
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My husband is tall and we need a mop and broom that doesn't hurt his back. I've only found 1 option, I'm hoping for more.

Mr. Attackpanda is 6'2" and sweeping and mopping hurts his back since he grew to that size. He marathon cleans and is always left with a sore back from bending over so much. I've only been able to find one long handled mop, this thing. Are there any more long handled mops anywhere? Perhaps where I don't have to buy the mop and broom head separately?
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How tall is your current mop? Standard mops bought in the average multimart tend to be 52-54inch handles. If you buy a handle separately at Lowes or Home Depot there are many 60-inch options. (wood handle with threaded end, mostly). That extra 6-8 inches might be enough.
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I googled "extra long wooden broom" really seeking a broom handle you could buy and screw in yourself, and came up with this 5ft long broom handle for under $5.

This exists. Either a janitorial supply house, or possibly some place like Home Depot? Especially in the painting department, I believe the screw ends for brooms & paint rollers are the same size threading. You just screw on the broom head or dust pan or mop head of preference.

Hope that helps!
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Best answer: Actually, what was I thinking? 60" seems to be the maximum fixed length, but if you google for "telescoping handle" you can find a lot of options, and variable length will give you something that's a bit less awkward to fit into your broom storage by someone who is not 6'2". At Home Depot, for example, you can get many handles with the standard threaded end, which can be used interchangeably with mops, brooms, dusting poofs, paint rollers, ceiling paint edgers, cathedral-ceiling-light-bulb-changers, etc.
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Along with hardware stores, if you have a restaurant supply nearby they may also have extra-long (and heavy-duty) handles plus a good selection of heads.
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Yeah, there's tons of extendable handles used for window cleaning.
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I believe the screw ends for brooms & paint rollers are the same size threading.

This is my experience. The paint section of your local big box store will have many different pole lengths, up to at least 12 feet.
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Yeah, I have a telescoping handle that was originally intended for painting on my broom head, I switch it every time I get a new broom. I can even extend it really long for getting high ceilings.
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