Where can I buy chocolate rum balls near Washington, DC?
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I'm looking to buy (not make) some chocolate rum balls in metro Baltimore or metro DC area. I don't really want to drive to Virginia to get them, but I would if they were fantastic. Buying chocolate rum balls online is an option, but I haven't had good luck with that.

I would like some chocolate rum balls. I need to buy the chocolate rum balls because I have neither the ability nor desire to make chocolate rum balls, no matter how easy they might be to make. For purposes of this AskMe, assume my kitchen and all baking-related technology I would normally have access to has been destroyed, constraining me to buy chocolate rum balls. Absolutely no recipes, please.

I have checked previous AskMes and have tried Google to no avail. I have had these chocolate rum balls, but they sucked. They're coated in chocolate jimmies (sprinkles) and they looked and tasted unappealing. I just want some chocolate rum balls, you know chocolate and rum, dusted in confectioner's sugar, about 3/4 inch in diameter, and made by somebody else.

So what I am looking for (preferably) is a store located anywhere between Baltimore and DC where I could buy some chocolate rum balls. Any suggestions for online sources would be great.
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If you're looking for the truffle type -- mostly chocolate and butter -- The Candy Shop in Baltimore has both rum truffles and brandy truffles. One is wrapped in gold foil and the other is not; sorry, I can't remember which is which. They don't have the ones that are cakey or brownie-like.
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Best answer: I've had the cake variety at Watergate Pastry in DC - they are tasty if you prefer that kind.
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Best answer: I grew up eating Watergate Pastry rum balls, the big, dense, chocolatey kind. Delicious.
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Haven't tried them, so I can't vouch for the quality, but Chocolate Chocolate in DC apparently has a coconut rum version.
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Response by poster: Watergate Pastry looks like a winner, the descriptions here sound like the rum balls I remember eating.
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