Best gift packaging/labeling for a USB drive?
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I'm putting together a digital file to give as a gift to several family members (think, digital scrapbook-type thing). If I were copying the file to a CD, I could make a nice case cover/label to go with it. But, if I'm putting the file on a USB drive, what could I do that would be similar?

I'd like something that would give an indication of the contents (e.g., "The Bubbaclees Family Scrapbook"), both for storage purposes (so this drive doesn't just get lost in the recipients' drawers along with every other miscellaneous drive) and for gifting purposes (so when they open the package they know what it is without having to boot up their computer).

I looked up USB case on Amazon, but that just seemed to turn up utilitarian cases for organizing more than one USB drive.

I'm only giving 5 of these, so I'm thinking ordering USBs with customized printing isn't a good option cost-wise (plus I'm likely running into time-crunch issues to have something by Christmas)--though I'm not opposed to this if it seems feasible. I haven't bought the USBs yet, so I could buy specific ones if there are some that have any sort of DIY labeling built in. Is that a thing?

A 4 GB drive would probably be plenty for this particular gift, if that matters.

So, do you know of any USB drives that are made to be labeled somehow? Or USB drive "holders" that would function the way a CD jewel case does? Or, some creative kind of packaging that wasn't necessarily designed to hold USBs, but would work for this purpose (some kind of small tube? a small box?) and allow me to affix a label of some sort?

Thanks in advance for any and all ideas!
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Create a page using HTML for this kind of displayed information, and provide links to the content of the USB drive on that page. Call it "readme.htm." Then set up an autorun file, using these directions, to have the HTM file open and display when the USB is inserted.
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What about this USB mixtape? I know you're giving image files rather than sound files, but I still think it's a cute, clever case, and there's plenty of room to write a title/description/message.
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If you are Christmas-celebrating person, do you have old Christmas cards lying around that you can cut up and glue together to make little boxes or pouches like this?

Then just use an a stick-on gift label or one that's attached with a string you can write on to explain what it is?
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Best answer: Ton of options here that have a minimum order of 1 and a turnaround of a week. Our wedding photos came from the photographers on one of their wood swivel drives (~$10) with our names & the date engraved and we were pretty delighted by it.
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Depending on the usb drive, there might be a way to hook on one of those phone charms or phone straps. I have Winnie the Pooh charms on my usbs to help keep track of them since I end up using them at conferences a lot. You should be able to find a charm that can be customizable (slip in a piece of paper like a luggage tag).
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Best answer: Etsy has a bunch of options. These guys are not super expensive and get good reviews, and they'll also do matching engraved wooden USB drives.
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I've seen these credit card sized USB drives and thought they would be very useful for just this sort of situation. Just print (or hand write) a nice looking label and stick it on. The actual USB drive folds out and is detachable in case the card gets in the way of plugging it in.

Can't vouch for this one in particular, it just came up in a search for "credit card USB drive" but it seems to have decent reviews.
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Found a 5-pack of 4GB units for about $3.50 each.
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Use USB drives that can be attached to split rings (key rings). Get silver or brass disks engraved with what you want to say.

I'm kinda sentimental and I might add the disc to my house key ring - I keep tokens of loved ones there.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, lots of great ideas here!

I ended up getting small Kraft tubes (which I'll affix a personal label to) from the Etsy seller suggested by ArbitraryAndCapricious, though if I'd had more time before I needed these I might well have gone with the folks at (suggested by kelseyq)--tons of cool options there, including credit card drives that you can personalize with a full color photo. Next time!
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