Novelty Chocolate Recipes
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Flavor my chocolates, please? Bonus points for uncommon.

I "make" chocolate by assembling equal parts cocoa powder and (slightly less) coconut oil, then the next smaller measuring cup's worth of powdered sugar (honey and maple don't work so great, but agave does, and granulated/brown sugars give it a mexican chocolate texture). So that's my basic recipe. Then I just put the sauce in a mold or on wax paper. If you make the chocolate itself differently, I'm happy to hear about it, but I feel that I have the basic chocolate part more or less down.

Then I add other stuff. This is where I'm looking for suggestions. I have run through my cupboard but I haven't run out of potlucks to attend. Here's what I've done so far:

- plain
- milk. using powdered milk. it's kind of meh.
- orange ginger, using orange zest, maybe orange oil, and ginger shreds. maybe also vanilla or a spice?
- nut. just throwing various nuts in
- salted almond-hazelnut. Using both chopped nuts and small amounts of almond and hazelnut extracts. this one is my favorite!
- rocky road. using vegan marshmallows and chopped almonds. i might also add a little vanilla, but I don't remember.
- peanut butter cups these are hit and miss because I haven't sorted out a good peanut butter filling recipe yet.
- toasted coconut
- reverse smore is on the to-do list. I have graham crackers that I can crumb and I'll cut up bits of marshmallow.
- pretzel bits I'll probably do a batch with pretzel bits in it some time.
- coffee throwing in a few beans per chocolate piece. I use different shapes to indicate whether or not they're caffeinated beans.
- coffee replacer "chocolate" - using chicory imitation coffee powder in place of cocoa powder.
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Response by poster: - cookie dough using an egg-free cookie dough so I wouldn't have to worry about leaving it out.
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Peanut butter.
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If you have never tried chocolate flavoured with chili you're missing out. You'd need to experiment to find out how much you like (not real chillies obviously, powder/flakes etc) but the sweetness followed by the heat is divine.
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grand marnier, kirsch, kahlua (but only one at a time!).
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Response by poster: oh, and bits of carrot
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You might get some inspiration poking around the Theo's shop. They do weird flavors like chai, bread, fig fennel & almond, curry. My favorite by far is their whiskey caramels. You might want to play with whatever chilies grow near you.
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Matcha powder?

I like Chuao's weird combinations.
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I had a chocolate with lemongrass and mint (together) recently. I didn't love it, but it was definitely unusual, and it wasn't awful.
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Response by poster: Chuao's website gave me the following ideas: Puffed rice, honeycomb. And I just remembered the chocolate that inspired this question: banana chip.
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Dried fruit? Cherries, blueberries, figs...
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Rose water and cardamom is a favorite of mine.
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1. cornflakes
2. wasabi coated peanuts
3. candied flowers (lilac, rose)

Oh, and how about a two toned version? Kinda like here.
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Chocolate chevre truffle. (I still intend to work this idea into cheesecake, one day. I've had it, it's fantastic, but it does not last.)
Chili is great.
Sichuan pepper.
Cocoa nibs.
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Response by poster: From chat:
- Basil + sundried tomato!
- Pink pepper + citrus
- Toffee
- Balsamic
- Smoked chipotle
- potentially spent grains from beer
- Jam center
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I like cayenne pepper in chocolate (for that Oaxacan flavor), but Chiles Tepin give excellent flavor (and heat!) as well.

The local fancy chocolatier does lavender-infused chocolate that is TO DIE FOR.
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-goat cheese
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Oh man, it also occurs to me that a mole-inspired chocolate (with cumin and chiles, etc) could be really interesting.
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In Korea you can get chocolate layered with kimchi spices. I liked it.
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Parmesan or asiago cheese-- can combine this with balsamic.
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Barbecue potato chips. (This and the parmesan cheese idea via Vosges-Wild Ophelia. I love the bar with potato chips in it!)
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I feel like black pepper would work. Would that work?
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Cinnamon is really good with chocolate. Freeze-dried berries and other fruit?/
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Nthing lavender, chiles, figs, cardamom, chai spices.

Fennel seed or anise seed would be good too.

Lilliebelle makes an awesome blue cheese truffle.

I had a fantastic chocolate bar from Hu Kitchen that had almond butter and puffed quinoa in it.

Patric Chocolate had a limited edition Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie bar with maple sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and honey-sweetened and toasted oats. It was amazing. Other companies add oats, nuts and fruit to chocolate for a sort of granola bar flavor.

Patric also does a Mole bar. Someone above mentioned mole spices. You might find it helpful to look at Patric's ingredients for some ideas.

Some kind of beer reduction would be nice. I used to get Guinness truffles from a place that's sadly no longer in business.

Alma Chocolates does a divine Thai Peanut Butter Cup with coconut milk, ginger, lime and Thai chiles.

A local chocolatier (Intrigue Chocolates) does a black cherry truffle bar from reduced black cherry juice that's amazing. Other ideas from them--toasted sesame seeds, black lava salt, grains of paradise.
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This summer I made coconut-curry fudge and cherry-chili fudge to great acclaim. I used shredded, sweetened coconut and the curry powder in my cabinet for the one. For the other, dried cherries and pure ancho chili powder. I wound up having to use a LOT of chili powder for the heat to show through, though.

Vosges is a good source for interesting chocolate flavors, as is Chocolove.

I have a plan to make a bacon-bourbon-salted caramel fudge at some point soon, too, but since I haven't made it yet I can't tell you how it will turn out.
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- I love pistachios and chocolate. Don't chop the pistachios too small or you'll lose the flavor.

- This may be too junk-food-y, but Capn'n Crunch.
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Tea! I once had Earl Grey infused chocolate, which was fantastic.
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Recchiuti does a bunch of interesting chocolates, one particular favorite that I haven't seen mentioned above is their tea-infused varieties. I think Jasmine is my favorite, and they also have Bergamot and Pearl Mint versions.
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My boyfriend loves the lemon-juice soaked mango in white chocolate pralines I make for him.
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In West Africa they make a drink called bissap, which is basically sweetened iced hibiscus tea. I have often thought it would be yummy in a chocolate.
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I saw wasabi choc the other day
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If you are trying tea, lapsang souchong (the leaves are smoked)



Crystallized ginger
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* juniper and lime

* cinnamon, bitter almond and chile

* ementhaler or gruyere and bittersweet chocolate paired well on my plate

* Tea infused chocolates were delicious, as I recall

* mango and chile and a touch of lime

* wine jelly centers maybe interesting

* just for the novelty, huitlacoche better known as corn smut or Mexican truffle
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I just had a bar from Chuao that had pop-rocks in it, which was really fun to eat.
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