Help me find the perfect candy bar
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What's a higher quality or darker chocolate version of Nestle Crunch?

Does a candy bar exist (not necessarily manufactured by Nestle) that has a texture similar to Nestle Crunch but with dark chocolate or simply just higher quality chocolate?
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Theo Bread and Chocolate.
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Chuao has a bar called the "Panko Bar." I'm not sure if the link goes straight to that specific item.

I actually just bought it about twenty minutes ago, and was amazed by the timing of your question!
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Cadbury has a crispy bar, the Crunchie, which isn't made with crisped rice (as Nestle's Crunch) is, but does have a similar crispy consistency.
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Ritter Sport mit Cornflakes, bitte.
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Nestle makes a dark chocolate version, I believe with or without caramel. I have seen them in mini packs, but you can probably find them on their own.
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The Cadbury Crunchie has a texture completely unlike the Nestle Crunch. The latter's crunch is dry puffed rice; the former is what is usually known in the USA as sponge toffee, which is both crunchy and chewy.

You could really (and I mean really) easily make your own. Just get some plain dark chocolate of whatever sort you prefer (Valrhona and Ghirardelli are popular and pretty decent brands. Callebaut is often better as far as I'm concerned; Michel Cluizel also has a line I believe), temper it, mix your favourite puffed rice cereal into it, and allow to set.
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Ghiradelli (sp?) has a version that's pretty decent.
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That's correct, dnab, I'm misremembering the Crunchie. I could swear I've had a Cadbury bar with crisped rice, though.

Anyway, here's Ghirardelli's milk chocolate version, which I've never had, but sounds delish.
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I believe there may be (or may have been) a Dairy Milk variant with puffed rice.
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Have you tried Toblerone? It's not crisped rice, it's bits of toffee and almond, but the overall theory is the same. Also: yummy.
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Ritter Sport mit Cornflakes, bitte.

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Kind of a different animal, but high-quality coconut clusters combine dark chocolate and crunch in this very addictive way.
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This isn't actually an answer to your question, but I grew up eating Nestle Crunch and switched my preference to Krackel after my first try.

This especially doesn't answer your question because I'm pretty sure Krackel is actually lower-quality chocolate. Or maybe I prefer it because I want what I can't have and Krackel is so difficult to find (unless I want a bag of minis, along with unwanted plain milk chocolate minis and the godawful abomination that is Mr. Goodbar).
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the former is what is usually known in the USA as sponge toffee, which is both crunchy and chewy.

If the cinder toffee (UK name for it) in your Crunchie is chewy, take it back. That's just plain wrong...
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This is a derail, I suppose, but this question immediately conjured up intensely fond memories of using my allowance to buy essentially what you are talking about at a downtown Toronto location of Laura Secord, in the late 70's/early 80's. I still stop and dream about that chocolate, especially when faced with the pale, pale comparison that Crunch is. I like Crunch, but indeed it is a pale comparison to this LS product I haven't seen in more than 20 years. I would try some of the suggestions above, but the links seem to lead to chocolate with toffee, or bread crumbs, or salt (!?)... Not a rice puff in sight. I guess I'll have to try dirtynumbangelboy's suggestion, but in the meantime, I'll be keeping my eyes open for further suggestions here. Great question!
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If the cinder toffee (UK name for it)

No... sponge toffee/yellow man (which seems to be the Irish name, traditionally served with dulse)/whatever should have a slight chewiness to the centre once it has been moistened in your mouth.
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For cinder/sponge toffee I agree. For a crunchie bar, I couldn't disagree more.
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Tropical Source Rice Crisp, om nom nom, is exactly what you're asking for. Found at Whole Foods or your local equivalent.
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It's not rice, but I can't believe nobody's mentioned Scharffen Berger's Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Nibby Bar. The crunch in them is provided by cacao nibs. I've always thought they were precisely Nestle-Crunch-but-better-quality.
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Also not rice, but you might enjoy Komforte Chocolate's French Toast bar.
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jocelmeow: yes, yes, yes. Spendy but tremendously worth it, IMO.

along with the Chuao bars meese recommended upthread, between the 2, you may never go back to those disgusting low-quality crisped-rice abominations again.

I've had excellent luck in the past with Chocosphere, HOWEVER if you are at all offended by pre web 2.0 web aesthetics, click that link at your extreme peril.

srsly people, geocities called and they want their page layout back. also: comic sans :P
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Maison Bouche make a Riz Soufflé Caramélisé bar that's pretty good. Available in both dark and milk chocolate, apparently; I've only had the dark.
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Not a candy bar... but Valrhona pearls are a sublime blend of dark chocolate and crunchy thing.
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I don't know if you would be willing to try a diy version, but it's about as easy a recipe as you can get.

Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars

- 2 bags dark chocolate chips (Hershey's makes a special dark chocolate chip that's easily available)
- 1 1/2 cups Rice Krispies

1. Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl in a microwave on medium for 2 minutes. Stir halfway through the heating time. Keep an eye on it so you can melt the chips thoroughly, but be careful not to overheat.
2. Gently mix the Rice Krispies into the chocolate and pour into a greased 9x12-inch pan.
3. Slam/tap the pan on the counter or floor to level the chocolate.
4. Refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes.
5. Cut the candy in half widthwise and then twice lengthwise, making 6 bars.
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Charles Chocolate makes two fabulous crisped rice bars -- one bittersweet and one milk. I highly recommend either... or, even better, both!
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