Spanish language version of HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired)?
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I have an English-language health handout that includes the self-care check-yourself acronym HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired - more background on it here). I want to have the handout translated into Spanish. Is there an "official" Spanish-language version of HALT that therapists use? I don't want to make up something new.

The handout is about mindfulness in general. It's aimed at a general audience, not specifically people in addiction recovery (though that's where HALT is used a lot). Thanks for your help!
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Hazleden has a Spanish language drug and alcohol education workbook that has a chapter on HALT. Hazleden's translated materials are generally pretty good when it comes to considerations of cultural competence or appropriateness. It might be worth picking up, just in case these are a concern.
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Oh cool, thank you! That looks like a great resource.
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I ordered the English and Spanish versions of the workbook. The Spanish version had what I needed - not an acronym like HALT, but a short list of physical states to watch out for. Thanks again!
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