Please suggest some short media for confidence and encouragement.
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I’m trying to wrap up some big stuff these days and could use some media to boast confidence, courage, and focus. Brief prose, poetry, non-fiction, religious texts, and music would be welcome. I'd prefer to avoid longer things in order to save time. Thanks!
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I will add that media that instill power and a sense of one’s own strength are also welcome. Okay, that’s it from me.
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Just a brief quote from The Cry of the Dreamer:

Let me dream as of old by the river,
And be loved for the dream alway;
For a dreamer lives forever,
And a toiler dies in a day.
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you cannot harm me
you cannot harm
one who has dreamed
a dream like mine
- "Two Fragments," by an unknown author of the Dakota Tribe
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Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs
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A short poem from an unknown poet, I think from Ghana, that has helped me to keep going and pull through when things were rough.

I have broken my nose
against a stick
I have broken my left hip
I have something in my eye
And still I go on.
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He thought he could, and so he did.

(Gender changed from the original. Modify as appropriate.)
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This performance by Shane Koyczan always helps me out. (A couple minute-long slam poem.)
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