Outlook PIM alternative for desktop/smartphone sync?
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I have an Audiovox SMT 5600, which runs Windows Mobile 2003SE for Smartphones, and I'd like to sync calendars/tasks with my PC. This is normally done in Outlook, but I'm a Thunderbird user. Is there a desktop PIM/calendar/tasks package that can sync with a smartphone? I don't really need to sync email - I don't have a data package anyway.

I'd rather not have to buy Outlook 2003 - I have 2002 but it doesn't seem to compare well with Thunderbird. I'd like to stick with Thunderbird, but unless I've missed it there's no way to sync Moz Calendar/Sunbird/Lightning as of yet.

Thing is, as I said above, I don't really need to sync my email - so is there some really brilliant XP desktop app that can work as a personal organizer for calendars/tasks/etc and sync painlessly with my phone? Or do I just have to suck it up and sell out to MS?
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I have an SMT5600 too, and I love it, more or less.

1/2 of the beauty of windows mobile is that it works fairly simply with Microsoft's desktop apps. (The other half is the .NET Compact Framework, which I fell in love with after having to write an app for Windows Mobile in C++ once a few years ago)

Since you have the source code to thunderbird, you could use the pocket outlook object model (see here) and write your own sync code. You can even use ActiveSync to do most of the heavy lifting for you (writing activesync apps is documented here). Thats the beauty of open source, right?

So I guess the short answer is....sell your soul to Microsoft!
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Response by poster: Well, from what I've seen, Sunbird and Lightning really aren't up to snuff yet, so even if I could sync those I'm really not sure if I'd want to. The thought had occured to me, though, so thanks for the links - I'm going to want to play with developing for the phone at some point no matter what.

I guess my main question was whether there is a great PIM app (perhaps entirely outside the world of email clients) that can sync with a smartphone.
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