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Ack! I just realized my iPhone is syncing my personal G-Calendar to my Outlook work calendar, meaning my coworkers now know when I have doctor appointments, book club meetings, etc.! How do I set up a one-way sync solution so that I can see my work calendar on my iPhone, but my coworkers can't see my personal calendar?

There are three calendars involved here:

1) My work calendar through Outlook
2) My Google Calendar for personal events
3) My iPhone 4.0 calendar, which is synced to both

When I got my new iPhone 4, I used Microsoft Exchange to be able to view my Outlook work calendar on my phone. Now it's populating my Outlook calendar with personal events from my Google Calendar! MeFites, is there a way to fix this so I can still see both calendars on my phone? I'm an intensely private person and this is FREAKING ME OUT.
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Response by poster: One more thing! This automatic sharing to Outlook seems to happen reliably when I enter events into directly into my iPhone Calendar.
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Best answer: Something that caught me when I was just starting doing what you're doing: When you enter an event on your iPhone's calendar, make sure to hit the "Calendar" about 2/3 down the form and make sure it's adding it to your Google calendar. For some reason, it likes to default to your Exchange calendar. This solved the problem for me.
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Best answer: You should check to see which calendar is set as the default calendar - it may be your outlook/work calendar, and if you are entering any events on your phone, they will default to this calendar unless you manually pick a different calendar.

You can find/change this by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars; then scroll to the bottom to the Calendars section and select "Default Calendar".

Do you find that events you create in your google calendar on a computer are also syncing to your work calendar?
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Response by poster: Pontouf and General Malaise, thank you. I can't believe I didn't figure this out on my own, especially after a similar incident with work email earlier in the year.

I was unclear on whether the syncing was happening via Google Calendars or my iPhone because so many of my events populate both of those. I believe that it was only events I entered on my iPhone.

You da best, MetaFilter.
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