Any Web 2.0 Calendars Sync with Outlook or Pocket PC?
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Are there any web based calendars/task management programs that will sync with Outlook or straight to my Pocket PC? I got Sunbird syncing but after using it a while I switched back to Outlook, but I really like the idea of using something like Google Calendar, Backpack or iCommit when I'm at work or at school. I’ve thought about an exchange server account somewhere, but all the places I looked seemed to be pretty pricy for a student budget. Any suggestions?
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What about rainlender?
I love that program, and actually, found it via ask-me. Oh, and it's free and is supposed to sync w/Outlook.
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I have been synching from Outlook to Google Calendar with Remote Calendars (open source Outlook Plugin). Has worked great! You must have at least Outlook 2003. What I like most about it is the ability to "subscribe" to any number of public calendars (like the Yankees schedule) in Google.

Second tip - if you subscibe to things like the "Concerts at the Tweeter Center" calendar - set them up with specific categories. Then set category color rules (make them green, etc.) Finally, make sure that subscribed calendars do not mark you as busy (i.e., partaking in that activity) unless you really are busy. That is another setting in the plugin.
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I use Airset for this.

My Palm and Airset both sync from Outlook. It works great for me and is free.
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You can try and see what you like.
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GCalSync will sync a Google Calendar directly to a mobile phone. Not sure about Pocket PC, though.
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One of these should work for you:

My Events
30 Boxes
Calendar Hub
RSS Calendar
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for all the help guys! Lots more out there than I had thought!
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Response by poster: So I've now looked into all the mentioned Calendars and it seems that the only one that has true Outlook Sync is Airset. While I was looking though I stumbled on another one. Plaxo does full Outlook sync, including notes and it even has a pretty decent interface. It is too bad there wasn't some standard here, or should I say a standard that MS supports. Looking over all these there are some really cool ones.

Will try syncing this evening and choose between Paxo and Airset.
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FYI, Plaxo owns HipCal.
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Yahoo! has IntelliSync which syncs their calendar with Outlook. It's free.
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