Spoken English courses in Manhattan / elsewhere in NYC?
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Spoken English courses in Manhattan / elsewhere in NYC?

So, I know this immigrant couple that has trouble finding people to talk to and develop their English speaking skills. I have a vague idea that there is some language institute in Manhattan or something of the kind that conducts lottery and if you win you get to participate in their spoken English courses for free. This or any other (free and good) alternatives for acquiring conversational skills in an organized setting are welcome.
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if they can read English already (it is indeed easier than speaking), why don't they join a book club? it's free conversation
posted by matteo at 11:07 AM on December 3, 2005

Check the ads in the subway. There are a few, including Zoni. I don't know the addresses though, but I know there are a few in Manhattan.
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there are non-profits, like the Henry Street Settlement that give classes all the time--they're free i think.
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and check this New York City Adult Literacy Initiative out--it's a city service.
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Response by poster: thanks a lot everyone, esp amberglow. the riverside one seems to fit their needs perfectly.. given they make it through the lottery.
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