How do I find a non-scamming person/company who does SEO?
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I have a small law practice. I would like to hire someone to help me with my Search Engine Optimization. I did so once, and it became apparent rather quickly that there was some sort of scam going on. I wound up feeling that I had been ripped off (among other things, that company would not cancel my account and kept billing me long after I gave them notice of my intent to cancel).

Because of that experience, I am pretty suspicious of everyone that claims to do that sort of work. I get one or two cold calls from companies every week trying to get my business. They will often claim to work for Google. I will call them out on that and hang up on them. But I really would like to have someone do that sort of work for me. My understanding is that it really is something that can be done and would be useful to me. What is the best way for me to find a legitimate person/company who can help me with these issues? Does anyone have someone specifically that they can vouch for who would be helpful?
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Yes, I do. A very good friend I can vouch for. Do you want them to be geographically near you, or is Honolulu okay? Memail me.
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I would look at a digital marketing agency with expertise across difference fields, who have clients you've heard of, and a specialist SEO team.

A red flag would be anyone who pitches a link-building strategy. Post-Panda update SEO focuses on content marketing, as well as technical onsite elements, NOT spammy link-building activities like paying for indexing.

(I too have some contacts in the US who do good SEO - memail me if you want details)
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Anyone who promises instant results should be avoided. Good content and measurable results take time, but will continue to pay off over time with improved organic results.

Anybody who doesn't provide references you can check should be avoided.

Look for a coherent strategy of content creation, paid advertising (if that's what you're into) and social. Have milestones and quantifiable results in mind and be willing to pull the plug if you're not happy, after say 6 or so months.

Look for the ability to get someone on the phone, at least during onboarding, and look for responsiveness to emails (with responses that make you happy).
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I personally find SEO to be rather pointless. As long as you are on the net, people who know your name will find you.

And if you're expecting some sort of black magic that will make your name rise to the top when searching generic stuff like (city name) (violation name)... Not going to happen without huge $$$$, in that it's cheaper to BUY the search keywords instead, and probably someone already outbid you on those.

It's content that search engines want, and you can establish that without SEO. It takes time, sure.

May be easier to hold yourself out as a general expert for consultation by TV or radio instead.
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There are plugins that can help you as well. I worked somewhere that used a wordpress plugin. It made suggestions on topics such as readability and repeating a few key words.
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Seconding kschang's comment about the value of SEO optimization. And to add to that, I would guess whatever you're planning to spend on SEO would be better spent on a well packaged plan that includes AdWords and general publicity, along with content creation. Besides, for SEO to work, you need to have solid web content to start with.
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