Does a non-sketchy extension exist
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Looking for recommendations for a video download extension for Firefox that won't a) inject ads into the stream, or b) track every site I visit.

I'd like it to work across a variety of sites rather than being youtube specific.
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Flashgot works well for me.
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If you don't mind a command-line application instead of a browser extension, youtube-dl is absolutely fantastic. Despite the name, it supports over 600 sites.
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I don't know if it tracks the sites I visit (I certainly hope it doesn't), but Video DownloadHelper has always worked well for me.
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I came in to recommend youtube-dl as well. None of the usual browser plugin nonsense, and even if you're not big on using the terminal basic usage is quite simple:
If you dig into the help it also provides quite a few options for things like file naming, extracting audio only, etc.
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