Personal scheduling app/program that will schedule my day for me?
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I have a lot of things I want to do during my day, but I get overwhelmed by to-do lists. Is there a program that can manage them for me so I don't have to think about it?

I am currently working part-time (8 hours) and doing an online certificate program. In the rest of my time, I have a bunch of things I want/need to be doing - learning programming through MOOCs, cleaning the house, cooking food, running errands, filling out internship applications, working out, etc. However, when I just make to-do lists I get really overwhelmed, I'm not sure what to do first, and I get frustrated.

What I'm looking for is a program where I can plug in all the different things I want to do, how much time I want to spend on them, and then have the program schedule them throughout the week (taking into account my job). I've tried using Todoist but I can't really figure out how to get it to work for me. I want something that will tell me "you will be washing dishes from 3-3:30!" so that I don't have to decide whether I'm going to wash dishes right now or apply for an internship. I know I could schedule these things out myself, but it would take me a while and I'd probably end up second-guessing it.

Does this kind of program exist out there?
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Best answer: If you have an iphone, you're looking for Timeful, which is basically exactly this. I love it, and am a beta tester, but I think the current version is also fabulous. It's free.
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Seconding Timeful, it pretty much does exactly what you want.
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Piggybacking: is there a non-iOS (ideally desktop- or web-based, Windows) thing that does the same?
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I used TimeTo for a while about 5 years ago. It runs on Windows desktop and basically tells you what to do, when. I can't tell you how the more recent version works, but it seemed to do what it was supposed to. I stopped using it because it turned out that my ideas about my priorities and things I thought I needed to do were not really what I needed to spend my time on. Garbage in garbage out.
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