Recommended Accountants in Sydney, AU!
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I'm reaching out to my fellow Sydney-based Australians for recommendations on Accountants that are geared towards small business/consultancies. I've recently hung up my shingle as a consultant and would like to engage with an accountant that will grow with me and set me off on the right foot.

My business is just me at the moment and I'm working with large organisations. Need tax advice, invoice/booking advice, and how to best structure my company. Stuff like that.

I of course need someone who's knowledgeable, but it's also important to for me to work with someone (or someones) who is personable and accessible.

If you've had a great experience, I'd love to hear about it. Feel free to email me directly if you're not comfortable making a public recommendation.
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I unfortunately have only had horrible experiences with accountants in Sydney, but if you can't find a good recommendation otherwise, I did see a few promising looking accountants on the recommendation site so you could try there.
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I have memailed you.
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Response by poster: Thanks strekker and Cheese Monster!
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