How can I get some business cards printed in Hong Kong without being there?
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A friend of mine is going to Hong Kong on a business trip and the fresh business cards he collected a few hours ago are pretty poorly made. Nooo! I'm hoping that while he's flying there I might be able to help out by getting some printed and couriered to his hotel ready for his arrival. Can anyone recommend a good printer there?

Should I call a hotel there and ask their concierge service? Whoever I speak to would have to speak English as I'm afraid neither myself or my friend speak any Chinese. Any pointers at all would be highly appreciated. My friend's hotel is in Wan Chai district, if that helps.
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I just googled "business card printers in Hong Kong" and there were several hits for sites that allow you to upload the artwork--you're sure the artwork is correctly formatted, right?--and do a quick turnaround. Pay with a cc# and have them delivered to the hotel. Unless you get a specific rec, there's no way to predict quality.

I did find this quote in an expat forum: Go to Man Wa Lane in Sheung Wan. Famous for business card printing and chops. Many can do 24 hour turnaround, lots of choice in cards, you can email the file, and it's WAY cheaper than e-print. I'm actually convinced e-print just outsources the job to one of them.

But I'd check that the artwork is correct first or change it to something dead simple so there's no chance to screw it up.
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