Fast, custom business cards online (Moo-like) from union print shop?
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I'm having business cards made, and I want them in a mini size (like 70mm X 28mm). But I can't seem to find a union print shop online that does cards with smaller dimensions like that. (Obvs I want a union bug). Thanks, hive-folk!
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I don't have a specific suggestion, but try calling places that you like the looks of and asking. Many places would be able to do custom dimensions, they just maybe wouldn't bother listing that on the site.
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Best answer: There are no places I like the looks of, particularly (most of the union print shops' websites are pretty bad). But I did start calling around and found a place that does small runs of custom sizes quickly. Maybe this will be of use to someone else one day.
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I just asked, and we get ours printed by Bill Dickey at Morel in Oregon. They have fast turnaround and are generally pleasant to work with, and do the union bug. They can probably turn around something custom pretty quick. Tell 'em we sent you (probably won't get a discount, but might).
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Best answer: Morel Ink.
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Response by poster: Thanks Klang!

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