Business cards in a hurry in Paris?
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My wife is in Paris attending a conference, and just realized that she didn't bring her business cards along! I know that freestanding machines exist to make these while-you-wait in other cities, but where can one go to get same-day business cards in Paris? Difficulty: some, but limited, French language ability.
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Best answer: Does she have access to a regular office/computer peripheral printer? A Parisian office supply store might sell those pre-scored printable business cards she could whip up in Miscrosoft Office.
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They are "Les cartes de visite." These people will print some cards from an online specification and deliver them within metropolitan Paris within 48 hours. Here is the site run through Google translate..
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A popular chain throughout Paris is CopyTop. They will take care of you.
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Response by poster: Sara C., laptop yes, printer, alas no. The conference center has a business center but it's basically unstaffed and printing on your own stock seems to be impossible. I'll have a look at the other two suggestions and see if they'll work, thanks.
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Best answer: We got same-day business cards here. We showed up in person with a Word file on a USB key and they printed the cards on the spot.
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