Looking for business cards to be printed in the UK, quickly.
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Looking for about 1000 business cards in the UK. Preferably a site where I can email/upload a design, and have them shipped quickly.

Google turning up nothing that looks reliable. If anyone knows of a reliable company that produce quality results then let me know. Nothing fancy - beige paper with single colour lettering - no laminating, embossing etc. Trying here before I head out on the high street/consult yellow pages. Would prefer personal experience rather than shots in the dark as this is rather important. Thanks!
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I've had a good experience with printing.com, but they will only do CMYK on white stock, no special one-colour runs. 1000 single-sided for £64 + VAT.
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(Note: This is a shot in the dark, but a reasonably informed one.) Vistaprint are supposedly not bad, and are pretty well known. They often have some good deals too. There are a ton of reviews about them on ciao.
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aubergine print - their cards are better than any others I've seen. Full colour on 350gsm with a matt laminate that really makes them stand out. I know you said "nothing fancy" but I always think business cards are worth spending a bit extra on. £60+VAT for 1,000.

You can email them print-ready files.
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I bought some gapingvoid.com designed business cards from streetcards.com recently and was pleased with the overall quality. I think they specialize in small runs, so you might be able to get a better price on a 500-1000 unit order from someplace else.

Also, they do print on demand, I think so you'll be getting that, as opposed to screen-printed, but that being said, they look loads better than anything I've been able to print on my inkjet at home.
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I'll second printing.com for simple jobs, with another vote for a small local printshop. Business cards are probably a major line of work for them, they're always willing to talk the job through, and you can hand the job on a disk and pick the cards up yourself, saving 24-48 hours.
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This is somewhere between "personal experience" and "shot in the dark," but... I've used Euroffice for a variety of office stuff, from envelopes to furniture, and I've always found them VERY reliable and helpful. That's the personal experience part.

They also offer a business card printing service, and based on my past experience, I'd trust them to do a good job of it, but I've never actually bought business cards from them. (That's the shot in the dark part.)
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