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Now that Lifehacker requires you to watch a video every time you want to read an article (and most of the articles don't have enough content to make it worthwhile) I am looking for a new source on the web for generally cool ideas for everyday life. I'm not especially tech-y so I prefer hacks for every day life rather than news about nifty high-tech gear.

I did see this post which was more focused on technology and TV. Cool Tools (which was recommended there) is a good example of what I'm looking for.
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How about Reddit's /r/lifehacks?
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When did video ads start there? I go to their pages via RSS, and I never see any ads like that. I'm also using AdBlock and Privacy Badger (which blocks something like 20 trackers on their pages) so maybe that's stopping them?

(Of course this doesn't really help on the content issue.)
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Quora's topic area Tip and Hacks for Everyday Life is pretty good.
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I do the same as sevenless and read via RSS / adblocked browser. The nice thing about Lifehacker via RSS is that they post the entire article, which means that you don't even have to hit the website unless you want to participate in the scintillating Gawker comments.
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I don't read the site but do use Adblock and RSS. Holy Batman there's a lot of ads on that site but it's wroth noting that at all none are video. And thankfully, Adblock+ fixes everything.
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The mother of the genre (or, rather, her daughter, who assumed the mantle back in the 70s) is still going.
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Which Lifehacker RSS feed are you subscribed to? The default one on the homepage is snippet-based and presumably full of ads, but there's also the so-called "VIP" feed which shows the full text with pictures and no ads. They offered it a few years back to existing readers as a sort of thank-you before rolling out the more limited feeds, but they understandably don't like to promote it much anymore. There are also VIP feeds for other Gawker properties if you're interested.
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Mr. Cool Tools here. I wish Cool Tools had more tips and life-hacker items, but we sort of let Lifehacker do its thing. I haven't checked it in a while, but if it is no longer useful for whatever reason, maybe we should reconsider.

Are you looking for fast bullet-point reads, or long, comprehensive indepth advice on the level of a Wirecutter review, where they walk you through everything?
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