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Can you recommend some newish instrumental rock/pop songs? I really like it when artists will add an instrumental track to an album, but it's mostly serendipity that I find them. Can you recommend some recent instrumental tracks of note? Or whole instrumental pop/rock albums?

I've seen these two questions, but they were both looking for heavier rock than I'm interested in. I like indie pop rock and regular rock, not really into EDM. I've listened to some older music for a while (really old - the Allman Brothers, Gorillaz, etc), but I'd like to discover some newer tracks. And by newer, I mean in the last 5 years or so. I'm not so hopelessly out-of-date in music, but it's kinda hard to search for instrumental music, especially since the Grammy's eliminated that category a while back.
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Have you heard anything by Rodrigo y Gabriela? They're great and they have a new album out.
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Well, your subject certainly caught my eye!

Do you know Schlachthofbronx? They're a German group that combines electronic and world music. It might take a few listens and some songs have lyrics but you may find a few to your liking! "Carimbo" & "The Kazoo" (see third album listed) are two of their songs without words.

If you like electronic music that sometimes sounds like a videogame, there's always the Swedish group SlagsmÄlsklubben.
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Jack White included an instrumental track on his latest album, Lazaretto:
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I think the obvious choice would be Sigur Ros- although they include words or vocalizations, their music is largely instrumental. Explosions in the Sky is kind of a lightweight version of the same thing.

I'm also a big fan of Johann Johannsson.
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This is a little outside the parameters of your question, but people have been putting up quite a few YouTube videos of classic rock/pop albums with the vocals stripped out (or, alternatively, with just the vocals). Here is Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, for example (and that will lead you to others). It can be an interesting new way to encounter familiar material, and might give you some of the kinds of pleasures you find in intentionally "instrumental" pop/rock tracks.
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I hope you'll like sleepmakeswaves. They're SO exciting to see live. They clearly love what they're doing and love their audience.

If you like sleepmakeswaves, you might also like 65daysofstatic.

whyaretheirnameslike this? I don't know.
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Dirty Three - Ocean Songs
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King Crimson "The best new touring band of 2014" - David Fricke, Rolling Stone

Markus Reuter

2014 Grammy Nominated 'Unnamed Lands', Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams (of the California Guitar trio)
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Special Others
mudy on the sakuban
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks so much. I've started going through these, and they're great. One side effect I didn't think about in looking for instrumental music on my own is how international it is. There aren't any lyrics not to understand!

Well, your subject certainly caught my eye!
Ha! "Lieder ohne Worte" is a phrase that has stuck in my brain since taking lots of piano lessons as a child. My piano teacher can at least be proud that I'm using the names of the pieces I learned since I'm certainly can't play them anymore.
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Peter Fox's one solo album Stadtaffe is really good, and it has a instrumental versions of a couple tracks at the end. The video for Alles Neu is delightfully bizarre too.

BUT even better, when I torrented it, for some reason the torrent came with a completely instrumental version of the entire album, which works surprisingly well. I can't find any information on the instrumental album but most of it appears available on YouTube.
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