I need more goofy things in my life
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For a long time I assumed the Muppets were a genre unto themselves when it came to awesome, fun, un-self-conscious goofiness (e.g.). Then I found The Rhythm of Life from Sweet Charity, featuring a cast made entirely of human Muppets. Help me find more examples of people having fun because it's fun.

Bonus question: is there a genre label for this stuff? (Apart from, "cocaine was awesome before we knew it was bad for you.") This kind of goofy full-body joy seems rare, especially without some added layer of smirking/sarcasm/knowingness.
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How about tunes from the musical "Cats"....?
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The Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band! (I think there's a longer version available.)

The Time Warp!
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Got A Lot of Livin' To Do (from Bye Bye Birdie) featuring Ann Margret

Or, Kids, from the same play, feat Dick Van Dyke & Paul Lynde
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The movie UHF. Stanley Spudowski is awesome and does shit just because it is fun. Just do it.

Really, most of Weird Al's stuff falls in to this category.
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Back when I still had a TV, this is why I spent a lot of time watching the FOOD network. The shows are just happy; no violence, no anger, no drama. It's not goofy, but it's people having fun just because it's fun.
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The Marx Brothers are so good at this sometimes that Woody Allen even did a scene around their skill in one of his films, in which that exact kind of "goofy joy" ends of saving his own character's life.
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PS - the full scene referenced in the Woody Allen clip is the "we're going to war" scene from Duck Soup.
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"Everybody Rejoice" from The Wiz

Jaan Pehchan Ho from I have no idea
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I asked a question a while back about sillyfun music videos. You may enjoy it.
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Brush Up Your Shakespeare, sung by two loan sharks who find themselves in front of an audience and have to improvise.
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Back when I still had a TV, this is why I spent a lot of time watching the FOOD network.

Seconding this. Alton Brown's Good Eats is unabashedly what you're after - actual muppets and humans who might as well be muppets teaching history, science and some cooking. They unabashedly live in the ludicrous roles they bring out for each episode, and the character actors on cast leave it all out there. Alton ocassionally breaks character, but usually to tease himself for being so earnest about this stuff, and then he goes right back to being earnest.

The old series, "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" - ostensibly a kid's show. Amazing, gleefully offbeat characters, brilliantly cast. Any episode with Artie would satisfy your craving for glorious and unrestrained silliness.
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This is why I like Adventure Time -- it's just goofy and weird and fun.

It also makes me think of OK Go's music videos.
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I haven't seen an episode since I was a kid, so maybe there were things I wasn't picking up on but... I'm pretty sure PeeWee's Playhouse belongs on this list!

Watching dogs and little kids playing at the park does this for me as well, as does watching people geek out over something (Comicon, Harry Potter book signings with everyone in costume, etc).
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Are you just looking for TV/movies? 'cause there's goofiness-for-goofiness' sake to be found IRL, too.
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Nthing Paramount-era Marx Brothers: The Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers, Monkey Business, Horsefeathers and Duck Soup Their first MGM picture, A Night at the Opera is pretty good too, but nothing (IMO) tops their earlier, more anarchic work.

Also, golden era (early-mid 1950s) Looney Tunes and Tex Avery's cartoons for MGM from around the same time.
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Swiss mask theater group Mummenschanz. They even appeared on The Muppet Show, so you might quite enjoy that episode.
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The DVD of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Especially the scenes where people have to tap dance to make the elevator move, the ending, any parts with Carol Channing or Beatrice Lillie.

And any of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle shows.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give it away now
Tune-Yards - Bizness (particularly when the adults come in in the second half)
and Pancake Mountain
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There was a recent question about Kid-Friendly Music Videos With Great Dancing, which was asking for a different thing, but it might be worth glancing at, since there will be some overlap. As it happens, two of my answers to that question apply directly to yours:

Bobby Van jumping like a cheerful maniac

A dog dancing to meringue

(My favorite part of the meringue video is that it is shot with a low-quality camera, in a parking lot at night, giving it a vaguely underground feel. I like to imagine that there is a secret network of meringue-dancing dogs who pop up in the parking lots of strip malls all around the world, after the shops have closed. They dance like crazy, and then dismantle their lights and their sound systems and vanish into the night. Moments later, the authorities arrive, and a frustrated, humorless sheriff throws his hat on the ground and cries, "Goldarnit! We almost got 'em this time!")
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Animaniacs! Pinky & the Brain, Mindy & Buttons, The Presidents Song, Countries of the World...so much goofy!
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Where the Hell is Matt? It's all based on this stupid dance that he was known for doing when impatient or whatever and it became a worldwide phenomenon of people dancing un-self-consciously (as they say like no one is watching).

As a fan of Doctor Who I really enjoyed this wrap video done to "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers (then-star David Tennant has dubbed himself their biggest fan, and they make a gracious appearance) -- there's even a guy in this video who does Matt Harding's dance. Even if the show means nothing to you I hope the infectious spirit appeals.

There's also Pharrell and the "Happy" video, or perhaps its apparent antecedent, Anne Marsen's Girl Walk/All Day video.
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You are all brilliant geniuses. This is a great collection of new things and stuff I've tragically forgot about over the years. The only appropriate resolution to this question is to give best answers to everyone.
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