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My toddler loves a certain type of Muppet clip. Can you find me other examples?

What she seems to like the most is Muppets moving between the background and foreground. The famous Grover "Near & Far" clip is obviously the exemplar of this, though "Mahna Mahna" and other clips involving that red-headed caveman-looking Muppet also seem to amuse her.

While it's not quite the same thing, "Upstairs Downstairs" also flipped her wig, and "Closed!" is a longtime favorite. She also likes the clips all kids seem to like, like "Elmo's Ducks" and "1, 2, 3, 4."

Any and all suggestions welcomed! I'd love to add more clips to our rotation. Thanks.
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Honkers Count to 3 has a little of this. (I was originally going to suggest Fat Cat Sat, but I see you already linked to it.)
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Ode to Joy featuring Beaker.
"Free-range Strauss" featuring Gonzo and the Chickens.
Animal and bunny.
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They have a parody of Downton Abbey
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In and Out Fever (warning, catchy disco song!)
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Response by poster: Here's one I forgot to list, in case it sparks anything: she really likes the bit of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" where Katy Perry is sprinting towards the camera. Thanks for the suggestions so far, though none has quite hit that Grover magic...
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Ann Margaret's Bye Bye Birdie doesn't have Muppets, but she do a lot of running towards the camera and then backing up. It's kind of obnoxious, but not any more obnoxious than Katy Perry, and I can see it appealing to a toddler.
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If she likes that caveman guy, I imagine she'd like Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, or anything involving the Jugband, or really anything involving Animal.
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Also, Dizzie Gillespie.
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My toddler likes Be Doodle De Dum with Elmo & pals.
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How about Hugga Wugga?
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Doo Wop Hop has a catchy tune, with Kermit and the Doo-wop cows in the foreground and various animals hopping and flopping in the background.
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Response by poster: "Bye Bye Birdie" was inspired. I hadn't even thought about humans running toward the camera.
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Response by poster: One more I found today: "Around, Over, Under, and Through."
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I always liked the segments with that style too, especially Some/None.
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I found these horrible singing mangoes by accident today and my toddler collapsed in a heap of giggles. They do exactly the thing you describe, and I thought of this question. (Warning: serious ear worm potential. I know I'm really selling it.)
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