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I'd like to put together a playlist of songs sung by non-humans.

So far, I have:
'Forget you' by Camilla and the Chickens
'YMCA' by the Minions

Any others?

(I'd prefer it if they were sung in non-human voices.)
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Do Alvin and the Chipmunks count?
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Well... What about Alvin and the chipmunks? They're chipmunks. Or is the spirit more "not using human language" I'm which case they wouldn't qualify I suppose.
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Daft Punk?
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Not an animal, but how about the IBM 7094 singing Daisy Bell? (You could use Hal 9000 for pathos, but I like the original better.)
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The Portal songs Still Alive and Want You Gone come to mind since they are sung from the viewpoint of a computer program. It doesn't really fit with your examples though since it is in human English.

There's also just a ton of videos online of pets singing Christmas songs, wow.
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The Chickeneers all-clucking version of "Ho Hey."
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Stand by me - the Muppets

12 days of Christmas
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In 2003, rock band Guster created an entire alternate version of their album Keep It Together to "leak" to file sharers to obfuscate results for the actual album. This version was sung by cats. Front to back. They called it the Meow Mix.

And, to keep things topical, they also did a one-off Christmas carol in the same vein. Enjoy!
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Let us not forget Hatebeak's God of Empty Nest and Beak of Putrefaction.

More on Hatebeak.

I couldn't find a link to a sound file on a reputable-looking site, but you probably don't want to actually listen to Hatebeak unless you're waaaay into death metal.
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We Love Katamari Soundtrack - Killing Hot Savannah (Song 15)
It's like an overture of all the songs on the soundtrack done with various animal sounds. I love this song.
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Yeah, came in to say Hatebeak. There's also Caninus (two pit bull terriers who front a grindcore band). And I swear there was a band (maybe in the 80s? maybe a little more new-wavey than metal?) who had a pig for a singer, but I can't remember their name.

If we're allowing electronic (synthesized) singing, then Vocaloid is an entire (predominantly Japanese) genre for you to explore.
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Crazy Frog - Axel F.

sorry everyone
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MC Hawking
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The entire Jingle Cats album, sung by cats and dogs.
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Fitter Happier by Radiohead.

The speech was done by a Macintosh using the Macintalk/Plaintalk software. Looking at the Wikipedia page for Plaintalk shows a lot of other songs that partially or completely used the program for speech synthesis.
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We Are Young
and Last Friday Night in Simlish
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Beatle Barkers.
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(Second time they've come up in conversation today).
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All the K.K. Slider songs (or at least the ones where he "sings") from Animal Crossing.
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This is an amazing thread. My suggestion is not a real one, but you should watch Death Metal Rooster.
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