Can you tell me how to get... how to get this song...
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SongFilter: Have you heard an Indian/Native American version of the Sesame Street song? Know where to find a copy?

Our local independent radio station in St. Louis, KDHX, has a Native American show with all sorts of interesting music. One night I heard a mashup (sorta) of the Sesame Street theme song sung in a group pow wow style (sorry if that's not what it's called - I'm not sure what the name of this style is) It was really enchanting and fun, and I'd love to hear it again - but I can't seem to google it. Any ideas?
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All published recordings, at least on major labels. This may help. Are you sure it wasn't a camp song style, for example? Some of the listings might fit that.
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Best answer: If Black Lodge has not done it, then don't stay up late waiting. They have the most bad assed version of the Mighty Mouse Song ever recorded.
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I don't know the words to the second verse,
I just make 'em up as I go along
Can you tell me all the words,
All the words to Sesame Street,
All the words to Sesame Street
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Do you remember what night you heard it? It looks like that radio show has all their playlists online at their website. Why don't you email the woman that hosts the show to get the title and artist?
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Response by poster: I listened to Black Lodge - sounds a lot like what i heard. I'm willing to bet the song i heard was a live recording that hasn't been released. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Pepper - I looked there, but I heard it a couple months ago, so didn't get that far with that. I did a search on google for just that site, didn't come up with anything. Good thought tho.
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