Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
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Do you know where to find full episodes of Sesame Street online?

I'm fine with paying, or jumping through some hoops. We don't have TV, but we do have a very sick toddler and the pediatrician recommended some children's programming to keep her quiet. Since I have to sit with her, I figured that at least if it was Sesame Street, I would enjoy the time, too.

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Netflix Instant has Seasons 35-41 (2004-2010_, though it says, "Availability: Until 3/6/12"
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Amazon Instant has a boatload of SS material.
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Thank you both!
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Yup. Netflix. I (and my daughter) have been watching tons of it lately.
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Your sick toddler may also enjoy movies, such as My Neighbor Totoro (my favorite of the Miyazaki films). I'm not sure if it's on Netflix instant or not. And if you have any video games, that a toddler can watch, my daughter enjoys that a lot. I'll play Animal Crossing, for instance, while she tells me everything that she wants me to do, (and will use the stylus for the things she can do). Hope you all feel better soon!
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May I also recommend Fraggle Rock for this purpose? (It's also available on Netflix.)
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